Pictures huzzah.

Ok so lets play catch up. But in pictures for a change.

Simpsons Sticker AlbumWest ShoreSpider BullyCoach FireWaves Llandudno
Ok so latest first, and since I forgot the photos from the camera the ones from my phone will have to do. We both went to borders and developed a new obsession with a simpsons sticker album. Well. I open the packets, Jen sticks them in. Oh then the second one is from Wales, where Molly likes to swim and then the evil huge spider who lives outside the house, who one day will mug me when I go past. Annnd on the way home from work one day a coach decided to set itself on fire and since emergency services only arrived I had to drive past it and the car got really hot and should have taken a picture then heh. And then back in wales there were some scary large waves, although you can't see them to well in this picture. Jen drove the car on the prom where we sat whilst the car got pounded with waves… then stones.. then we left.

ShavedManchester in the rainDog of RockWest ShoreScarborough Seal!

For my birthday Jen bought me a voucher for a cut throat shave, haircut and indian head massage thing. Which was awesome. The guy who did it liked metal. So proceeded to play music of awesomeness for the whole two hours I was there heh. Then offered me beer. Oh so this picture is after the shave to prove I didn't die and then I refused to shave for a few weeks after that. Then when we went to town it rained lots. And the NCP looked into the city apartments which was funny as you could see people in dressing gowns. Oh then we made a dog of rock although Molly wasn't amused. Then took this picture from up the Orme in wales where good times we had annnnd then finally I took Jen to Scarborough for her birthday, and she took me to the sea life center and seals!

Dead PepsiWorkOwenessHiltoness

Pepsi the cat likes to do death poses. Usually I'm greeted by them when I walk into the kitchen in the morning before work. Work would be the second picture as I've been doing waaaaaaay to much of that although I don't want to get into a rant about work. Then I met Owen at some point and he had hair extensions which were really good. Oh and thats the scary hilton in the last picture which you can see from anywhere in the greater manchester area.

Pillow MakageMr Duke the mouseCupboard of cookingness

Molly and a pillow in the making. Mr duke the mouse died and it was sad, Wog was never the same again as they used to stare at each other alot. Well Wog used to stare, Duke just played. And the last one is my cupboard of cookingness, because I like cooking and baking random things.

Um that'll do till I can get the other photos and lots of other things happened which I'll bore everyone with later. Also someone needs to stop me listening the producers score as I'll be singing it all day.

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Randomness about me :) I live in Manchester (UK), this is my corner of the web to rant, vent and keep a diary of random events in my life.

2 thoughts on “Pictures huzzah.”

  1. [this is good] Kat has a baking cupboard, much like your cooking cupboard. I don’t go near it, because I don’t understand the contents. My cooking abilities range from toast, pasta and things you can put in the oven. Fail šŸ˜¦
    Do you know that you have too many pets? Pfft. Although I would like to borrow the cat.

  2. Pfft you don’t fail, not unless you start having mayo sandwiches. Thats all I did at uni. That and kfc. ewww. I only have that cooking cupboard from when I was cooking at that hotel when I was younger. Oh and its a bad thing, spending lots of money on strange sugars and vanilla pods of awesomeness.
    Oh and hush abou the pets. You owe me a parrot anyways.

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