House hunting

Me and Jen saw an amazing house today to rent. 3 bedrooms, two of which are huge. The views were absolutely amazing and the house was in a nice remote area but not to remote. You can have a look here.

Oh I also got one of these and the six hour battery life is woo.

Shall attempt a proper post tomorrow as Batman: A dark knight is distracting. Also Molly is sneezing which is to cute to ignore.

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4 thoughts on “House hunting”

  1. So where is this house, manchester or wales? :p and how come you want to move?
    It is nearly midday and I am still in my pyjamas. I should sort my life out.x

  2. It is really nice, the park at the back is fantastic. By the looks of it the farmer whose land it is, has opened it up to the houses (three of them I think) so they built a small playground just for them as there is no other access. Perfect for walking Molly!The only downside is the price so we’re still crunching the numbers on that one.

  3. It’s in Manchester, about 15 mins drive from where I work and more towards the countryside than the city as we currently live in the city. We’ve been wanting to move for a long time as I’m living out of Jen’s mum’s house at the moment and I miss having me own house heh. And yes. Yes you should. That or just accept that laying around in PJ’s is a good thing x

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