Silly vox thing, I did a post and it died, a few times which is starting to get annoying. Anyways. Things with me are ok. Scary mortgage things are going through the motions, the application has been sent off which is good so now I guess we wait and see what happens.

I've been listening to, to much vnv nation. I do that now and then, go through phases where its listening to one group or band in hugely unhealthy amounts. Meh. It works, it keeps the brain in order and amused. However am slowly loosing the battle against my wallet to not buy all the cds I want. I know I should just burn a hooky copy of them instead, but still you can't really beat the real thing sometimes.

People brought me chocolates and cakes. This amuses 🙂


Weekendy Update

Ok so weekend update, and have started this at 5.10 so not doing this last second for once. I had a nice weekend, its strange the weekends here in Manchester are alot more relaxed than the ones in wales. I'm guessing this is mostly due to the hassle of driving around everywhere, plus I feel bad Jen driving all the time since I still havent sorted out a car as of yet. Maybe next pay day I'll get one if other things dont come up which require money being thrown at them. i.e silly brakes and brake disc things. Silly cars.

We had the house to ourselves on the Friday night which is always good. It means we can spaz out of the couch and watch random crap on tv. This is always a welcome thing. The weekend also seemed longer and better because of the day off that I had on the thursday. Saturday was spent take molly to Sale Water park which is near trafford park and it was fun. She had a hell of a time running around, the dog not jen although I think she had a nice time too. Will have to stick some photos up here to show it. It was a beautiful sunny day, cold but blue skies.

After that we headed back and passed out for a while. Sunday we cleared out the spare room which is awesome now. Jen boxed everything up whilst I stood in the box room in awe of all the stuff in there that we've managed to get together for the move. Its basically like the contents of a shop called the pier, random objects from other shops and some nice bowls from Aflecs Palace which I attempted to steal from her but she noticed. Grr.

Oh we also cleaned the car. The water we used started to freeze on the top. Silly cold weather.

"Americans from a British point of view can be summed up in two words. Fanny Pack". A disturbing quote arrising from the usual talk of international relations, and the fact that everyone has an opinion on things. What started off with talking about the EU and the Turks joining, turned into the Russians joining and then some how onto America. Fun random amusements to make the day go by.

Sorry for not coming up this weekend Owen/Dora. Snake pass is still closed and have yet to navigate a way across there other than via the evil motorway that people keep crashing on. A lame excuse but a true one 😦 might as well take the train… can you take a dog on a train?

many hugs all


Things are going ok. I suprise Jen with the day off yesterday so that was good, we spent the day not doing very much. Which in my opinion is an awesome thing. We did attempt to go to the penines to find this monument thing you can see from the city but it was soooo foggy up there. Secretly glad I wasn't driving.

She got me these lovely flowers in a heart shape and an amazing hand made card. so woo for that 🙂

Anyways I always seem to be writing these at the end of the day when I'm about to go home. No wales this weekend, so if I can find another way to Sheffield not using the snake pass, I might try that one 🙂

Many hugs

The Weekend

Hola everybody. I had a nice weekend, although it was a
little brief but then I think all weekends end up like that, the dreading of
the Monday coming and a continuous countdown in your head whilst you try and
enjoy the time you have off. Sort of like holidays from work, the stupid “day
after the day after I’m back at work”.




I had a nice weekend. Me and Jen had to go back to Wales, so
we ended up doing random things around there. As is are custom we kill some
time at any random place that serves food after I finish work, otherwise the
evil that is the m60 gets busy. So least this way we don’t have to sit in a
queue of traffic. It was nice when we got there, my mum had gotten in a few
things for me and Jen to enjoy. Namely some nice Gammon steaks that I grilled
up on Saturday for dinner.


We went on a mission to get the brakes sorted on her car since
they are running low. Turns out the discs need doing as well, and naturally as
sods law would have it, they had none in stock. We had a nice walk around Angel
Bay on Sunday, unfortunately I don’t have the pictures here but they are on
Jens camera. So soon as I can steal then off her I’ll throw some up here.


The fog was nice and thick which made things … pretty? Think
that would be the best word for it. Then we left, came back to the land of
Manchester, where we proceeded to have a nice dinner and *thinks* oh oh
we did a jigsaw of evilness. Well it was nice, but it was round. So boo for
that. Would be nice to do more of them.


Its sad that the thing I miss most about Wales isn’t my
parents, nor my brother, or the place for that matter. Its JD. And Chocolate.
The cat not the food. Spend a lot of time missing those two, think it’s because
they are both mine and I spent such a long time with them when I got them,
rescued them. JD is the worst. I remember when I used to share my bed with him
all the time, that was when he was 20kg lighter, but meh. Dumb dog. And
Chocolate was awesome. He would protect me against most things, and cuddle up
to JD when he could. Now he doesn’t really come near me. Think he doesn’t know
who I am anymore.


Anyways. Enough of the sad things. I had a lovely weekend,
and I saw my animals so all is ok.

QotD: The Best Part of Waking Up

What's your morning beverage of choice?  Coffee, tea, juice?  Homemade or store-bought?

Hmm usually a nice cup of tea is nice. But sometimes on the dead days I like to have black coffee. Oh and none of that silly starbucks stuff, so its just a normal bag of tetleys or PG tips, yorkshire tea. Not fussy 🙂

Does that mean someones going to make me a cup of tea magically?


For the first time in a long time I'm finally in a posistion in my life where I want to find a house, and make the 'plunge' into getting one. Its never been a case of can't get it luckily as people tend to throw large amounts of debt around but am more than glad that for once, I would be happy to settle down in a nice house and plan for a decent future.

For those that don't know we've found a house, in a place called Woodley. Not to far from here, and a near enough town to be useful. Three bedrooms, a shower room, pantry oh oh conservatory and what not. Its awesome. Cheap because theres a train track in the back but its never used which is woo.

On Friday we should be signing the thingies for it. And all will be well. *looks at time* meh. silly work. Hugs

Its sort of shining

Well the weather is trying its hardest to look nice, patches of blue sky which is an improvement over yesterday. As I walked up to the gym it was nice, blue skies and not to cold. The moment I stepped out of the doors it was a complete downpour. I blame the planes that fly ridiculously low. Ok so stockport is basically on the flight path for landing at Manchester Airport. But still, they MUST be triggering the rain.

Last night was nice. I bought me and Jen the 'Louie Theroux' boxset, all the weird weekends or something? really really funny. Last night was the second disk which had Wrestlers, Africa and rappers I think (at that point sleep was demanded). I had never really heard or seen him before, but he amuses. Oh watch the porn star one.

Annnd last night was pancake day, or the whole lent thing if your that way inclined. It was nice, unfortunatly we only had a couple of eggs, well there was three but Jenson ate the one that was past its best before. Funny dog. Amazing how something evil can be cute at the same time. Annnyways. Yes, only managed to make two big ones. And naturally craved sooooo many more afterwards which didn't help. And the flour was off. But we ignore that. The milk wasnt so we were ok.

We filter image emails here. Basically all are external mail is moderated by myself, so anything with an image attached usually is quarentined. Means I get an alert, log in, look at it. If its porn, I yell at people otherwise release it. nine times out of ten its just funny pictures… so I stole them:

Oh and…

That one reminds me of the Molly.

I forgot to mention, the otherday me and Jen we looking at dogs online. Through the RSPCA website, and we found the most awesome dog ever. A blind white one, like a year old called Frosty. He looked amazing and was an instant "awwwww how cute, how much fun would it be teaching a dog to sign". But lame. We can't have him since we haven't moved out yet. Still sad about that, would have been nice. Although I still want my pet wolf.

Back to the realm of work. *Many hugs*

A new first post.

I have decided to start over. From scratch. Out with the old ways and in with the new. I stopped updating here last year, partly because a majority of my posts were hidden and viewable by 'family' only people. I did this to protect what I was talking about, namely Jen and what not from the, well, more sinister elements of the past.

So rather than hide everything, I just made my little site on the net that little bit harder to find. New name, new look, no search options and namely no-one can post comments on things unless they are registered. This way I can be free, cut off the past and get on with things.

Now that I have that out of the way, let me present you with my family:

The awesomeness that is Jen and Molly. Or Wog. Jen doesn't have a nickname like that. It would be wrong to call people wog. Dog's are fine however. I've decided this. i.e "Molly-wog the dog of awesomeness".

So yes. My new family. For those that don't know the story. We met in Llandudno at the sticky floor place that is Wetherspoons. I think we pretty much got on really well from there. Then much randomness did in ensue. backwards and forwards from wales to manchester, then Jen coming to wales and such. Needless to say the oil tycoons loved us muchly for are rather shocking amount of petrol we used.

Those are some of the happiest memorys I have. Shooting backwards and forwards, that feeling of butterflys in your tummy as you get closer and when your finally there. It also helped me deal with alot of things, taking my mind off Owen leaving for Sheffield and my slow realisation that Wales? a lovely place to die. I mean that, nothing against it, just well, if your 'over the hill' its an amazing place. If your trying to make your 'mark' on the world, it just.. well… it destroys the soul.

So after seeing each other none stop, and staying at each others lots and lots something needed to be done. I can't remember the exact order but in the space of a few months: stopped at Ormerods due to reasons of mental sanity, Jen stopped at the hospital, went to chester jens birthday, muchly trips to southport and blackpool on the beach, got us the wog which is awesome, bought new car, sold new car, got old car back, lost old car in car-crash, declartion of love made between me and Jen, moved into Jens house, became IT Manager for a firm in Manchester, trying to buy a house, sorting life out, loss of depression.

…I wouldn't change the bad times for anything because without them to good times wouldn't be here. So yes, that was a brief recap. Things between me and Jen are good, we've yet to have a row or full on fight. A few niggly things but nothing to serious on either account which we mutually agreed and we are now looking at buying our first house. A house of awesomeness. A guest room which we've planned to kidnap Owen and place in there, oh and room for Rick on the sofa bed. A room for the molly downstairs in the shower room and pantry. But that should be delt with this week.

Anyways. Out with the old, and in with the new. Life is getting better & good now. I'll still moan however. So no more hiding the posts.

*many many hugs to all*