Random memes

Just a few photos that have made the grade and made me smile. Had a great time today at the beach. I think we were only there for an hour but Nina came in the water with me and did really well. Didn’t want to push her to swim due to the fit thing. Figured extremes of hot and cold would be bad. We all got home, redder for it, but a great time was had.

After coming back I noticed my thoughts were getting a bit bizarre so I’m trying this new strategy from the consultant. I took a microdose of promazine liquid and it helped me feel more logical. Then for no reason I started getting really angry for stupid reasons. Like the sink was blocked and I started ranting and raving as I fixed it. B was messing with his food, I shouted, they laughed, down 90mg codeine and et vola anger gone. I love drug addiction.

Tomorrow will be a busy day work wise so worrying about that. I’ll need to leave early to go and sort some stuff at my office. D has Mondays off so it’s the only day I can get out really without having to use her mum to baby sit. It’s not ideal. She doesn’t speak English and B plays up on it. Anyways hopefully I’ll keep myself busy and get things done.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and now an amazing week ahead if them 🙂 also going camping at the end I the week for a few nights to a fishery. Beyond excited on being able to teach D, S and B to fish.

Weekend Report

It was a good weekend. As usual it flew by, which is a good thing & bad rolled into one.
Saturday involved an early morning trek to Stockport to find maternatey clothes for J. You get so much free stuff when your pregnant its unreal. The books they give you all contradict each other, they also have conflicting things that you can and can’t do. I do find it funny, its an obvious area that people cash in on, where you need to have the ‘best’ thing for your child. The marketing is fantastic. It’s something that I’ve started to notice more with my role at work. To appreciate good marketering when you see it.

Do you love your unborn child? if you really do they you’ll spend hundreds on THIS device, otherwise they will grow up a freak and won’t amount to anything in life.

Thats pretty much the gist of what they put out there. That being said, we will no doubt succome to this advertising and buy countless articles of clothes they will grow out of in minutes. Part of the fun. They had an awesome pirate costume. Which will have to be bought for halloween next year. Which has to be the best time of year ever.

The bank also made me chuckle on Saturday. After waiting in a shockingly long queue the very helpful teller asked, “Do you know the state of your account?”. Why the hell else would I be wasting 20 minutes of my Saturday throwing money at the bank.

I also got a game called Left 4 Dead. Far to addictive shooting zombies.

Today we went to Cleeveleys. Or however you spell it. Its a less touristy version of Blackpool with a nice beach. Molly loved it, when we got there she jumped straight into a puddle and did mad little sprints everywhere.

You could even see Blackpool tower. And as you can clearly see Molly was smiling as she jumped, dived and rolled around in the sea. When we drove back we stopped at J’s dad for fathers day and had an impromptu bbq. It was nice. I simply sat and took photos.

I’m so tired its unreal. 3 hours driving in the baking sun with some lovely sun burn.

Totally worth it. Hope everyone had an equally great weekend.