I still will never understand…

I still will never understand extremes and British attitude. “Its freezing, I wish it was warmer!”, then three day stretch of 21c weather, “Its to hot, I wish it was colder!”. I’m guilty of it, everyone in Britain is guilty of it. Personaly, everyone in Britain is guilty of talking about the weather far to often. It is something I hate as I talk about it on a daily basis. I’m wondering where the cut off it, where everyone will stop talking about it being to hot, or to cold. A sort of purgatory weather system. Then. What would we have to talk about then? Our bad teeth?

The weather is lovely outside. I hope it keeps it up all the way to the weekend, I have sunburn on top of sunburn and I love it. I don’t understand the nay-sayers who condemn walking in the sun, and in there perfect world we would all be pale skinned and hiss when we see sunlight. Its nice, warm and you feel charged for laying/walking/running around in the sun. Of course there is taking it to far and turning into a piece of leather, smelling of biscuits (fake tan) and solariums baking you to a crisp. I’m talking about lovely, glorious sunshine. Granted you may get skin cancer but then you might get hit by a bus. That argument works well for smokers, so I’ll use that one.

I’m still feeling exhausted and ill from the BBQ on Sunday. The beef burgers are my primary suspect. So rather than fill you in on my bowl status, we’ll leave it at that I’m in pain. Hopefully it’ll stop and I can get a decent nights sleep, although good practice for the baby. Things are going well on the baby front. J’s bump is growing by the day, the animals are being protective of her and she’s started sleeping normally now as well. It is week 18 now, so thats mid-way through I think. Apparently the baby can hear things, so will try and sing some songs at her tonight. A few places have said if you play music to them in the womb, and they hear the song when they are born its soothing. I also learned that the reason why baby’s kick when you stop moving is because the walking or moving you are doing keeps them soothed and calm, so naturally, when you stop they kick.

*thinks* so whatever song we use we’ll probably end up hating from over playage. Best not make it an Ozzy song then heh.

Speaking of music. I managed to get one of my oldest albums onto the Laptop which am now listening to. Its significant because its the exact point where I started to notice music, and my tastes matured. Hmm. That doesn’t sound right, it my head it does. Basically the first memory of listening to something that wasn’t pop music or on the radio which caused me to follow a certain path of music.

It was a David Bowie album of all things. I got the cd in 1996? So I was all of 14. Still works now, so take that 10 year expiry date on cds!  I remember taping it and listening to it as I rode around on the motorbike I made with a friend at the time. Nice memories. Drive in Saturday? think thats the name of the song which I loved.

The other album was from a film called ‘The Faculty‘. It had Oasis, Creed, Garbage and The Offspring, which opened the doors to music like that. I’m avoiding using genres as I never understood how that worked, much easier to class music as ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’.

I’m rambling so shall stop. But was nice to type as it always relaxes at the end of stressful day.

QotD: It’s the Little Things…

Do you keep track of how much money you spend on non-essential luxuries, like gourmet coffee and snacks? Are there certain little indulgences you cannot live without no matter how tight your budget?
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Yes & No. Keeping an eye on everything would be a bad thing. I figure if you can afford one or two, small, luxury items then life is good. For me it would be my can of diet Coke. As silly as that sounds, I must have my can every day. Preferably before work as that way I can focus on my work. However sometimes I let it slide till lunch time and purposely walk for 30 mins to a certain shop to get it.

So that is all of 60p!

*thinks* blowing circa £50 on iTunes, consistantly, every month I could border line life without. However, music plays a very important role in my life. I could get away with filing that under essential heh.


I forgot to post these two pictures yesterday.

JD is all his awesomness at the farm a couple of weeks ago. He has gotten so fat, but his is still so huggable it brings a tear to your eye to see him leave. Chocolate on the other hand is still as vicious as ever. I keep forgetting how sharp his little claws are and how easily they scratch, even when he is just stretching!

Work was hectic today.

Hectic days are never good because there are enough hours in the day to finish my to-do list and project management. They also decided to change Asda at Eastlands again. Foolish people, it was fine. I’m sure the Mancunians will unite and demand the store to be changed back.

Oh. WHEN did they start charging per sodding item from the Doctors‘? Complete and utter madness. In Wales perscriptions are free. You don’t pay a single penny. I went to the doctors and got perscribed two items. I thought, “Fair enough, £7.50.”. But no. Per item. I even made a fool of myself complaining that the silly doctor should have put both on the same perscription, but was correct. That would be the naive Welsh person inside me.

Grr. Money is tight as it is without the NHS screwing me over! What’s worse is I have to go back in two weeks for more!

I’ll stop ranting non-sensically now.

The Weekend Report…

They should invent a device which causes a time distortian at weekends, slowing down time to at least a 2:1 ratio. They always come and go so quickly. Although someone would no doubt abuse said device and then no one could use it. In second thoughts, lets not invent the device but instead create a four day weekinstead. *thinks* sad as that is, there is probably a group on facebook for that.I had a lovely weekend.

A picture paints a thousand words.


On Saturday headed to Sale Water park, a really nice place. The lake there is the result of the M60 being built, so naturally they turned it into a nature reserve. Probably to offset the motorway. Heh. Anyways, its a nice place, really lovely for walking the Wog. You can tell it is in Manchester because you have a pylon. J took a very pretty picture of the said pylon.


Molly even had a swim! The ducks in the pond were poised to attack but I think she scared them away. It was so cute, she got water in her ear mid swim out, stopped, lost the stick, grabbed it again and swam back for reassurance.Oh the last picture is of me before the hair I just got heh. It was also sunny. Hence squintingness.


Today headed over to Wales as it is my Dad’s birthday. We went to the dutch pancake house as planned, which as always, was made of awesome. As you can clearly see from the pancake! My dad thought he would pretend to be Hilter with his pancake. Then some ducks came along to play, with Hens following closely behind. I mean, how can I go home and not see wildlife?

It was a nice day.

The haircut I just recieved was good too. Less hair = yay.

Many hugs all.