I missed July

So I might have forgotton to post. I don't want to fall back in the bad habbit where I don't post for months on end and then end up doing an appology in the first opening paragraph. Oh. Yes, like I just did. Now with that out of the way I can go on about randomness.

Hmm. Avoiding the temptation of putting pictures on here and doing a photo post as I'm lacking the ability to think at the moment. Work has been a bit hectic. I managed to complete a project which has taken nearly two years to do. It was implemented and now its just a matter of making sure people use it correctly. So that was a big thing that has caused temporary brain funk.

Some good news. The house is almost sorted. I passed all the checks and things which is a relief so now its a matter of setting a proper date. I had planned on the 1st September but I'm waiting to here back from the estate agent that the person letting the house out has done all the things I've asked. I don't want to be strung along with promises of carpets being replaced and new white goods being installed. Been promised that before and it just dragged, so least if they can get it sorted before we move in then that would be awesome.

Its a nice house. In a good location. There are a few parks near by which Jen pointed out on google maps last night, so am going to quit the gym to save some money and take up running on the roads and parks there instead. I'll just have to motivate myself into doing that once, then it should stick. It was always the same with the gym. If I can go on a monday, then I'll go every day that week.

On Saturday is was my birthday. It was nice although I'm now old. 26. Far to old. I was forced to take the Friday off work. A really good policy at work is that you have to have your birthday off as an extra holiday. So we spent the day at Makros which was the most amazing place on earth. The cooking section. Brings a tear to my eye even now. If I ever get depressed I'll just go there for five minutes and stare in awe at the industrial sized section. Its like Asda with steroids for the products. After picking up a few crates of Irn bru, Shandy and Dandilion and Burdock we headed to Jen's dad's house where I planned on making dinner for everyone. It was nice. Deb was there, she is Jen's dad's girlfiend. I have imagined friction because she used to own a restuarant so I'm always worrying the food isnt good enough that I make. So anyways, I made a lasagne for everyone and then Jen's dad started talking to me about music and things. I didnt realise he was distracting me as Jen and Deb both came in with a birthday cake and it was just so incredibly nice of them. I never expected it and it was just awww. Lovely. Made my weekend that.

I also managed to co-erce presents off Jen early which is always good. They were all part of a set of presents. For example. I opened one early and it was a spoon, with a heart shaped stirrer. Very nice however random. Until I opened the others which were a huge mug and a tub of mint hot chocolate powder. So now I have my own hot chocolate making facilities! Really nice as well. Oh oh and she also got me the most thoughtful present ever. She had a notepad made from Boots I think, with pictures of me, her, Molly and other scenes of happyness. I then write down all my bad thoughts and worries, anticipating that I'll be depressed, I then look at the cover and am instantly reminded to be happy.

A lovely present. Very thoughtful.

Hmm. Thats all I got. Not bad considering I couldn't think of anything to type about.

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Randomness about me :) I live in Manchester (UK), this is my corner of the web to rant, vent and keep a diary of random events in my life.

One thought on “I missed July”

  1. But yet still younger than I ;P.Glad to hear you’ve got a house sorted br’er, i’ll have to come visit you in manchester soon.Ps – Send me your ring size, I owes you a birthday present ;).

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