Its almost July and it’s already to hot!

iTunes. Please, from the bottom of my heart, disable your annoying ‘genius’ feature on your software. 29 songs in 5 minutes. Far, far, to easy for me to buy stuff. Maybe you are working in cahoots with Amazon and the strategic email I recieve, every pay-day without fail. “We thought you might like…”. It’s evil. It truly is, they know what I want and when, they know when we’ve finished watched Supernatural and now need season four. The buggers.

But not this time. I’ve turned my personal email off all day in a bid to avoid the email.

That being said, I’ll probably cave in later on and go on a mad ‘clicking’ spree and give the postman a hernia carrying the mail to the door.

Things are going well.  It is also pay-day, which means for a whole 24 hours I don’t need to worry about money! So tonight we’ll live the highlight and raid the Asda at Eastlands again. Or Makro. Which is another annoying place. Its a big shop that sells to all the other shops and you need to have a membership card. Took six months but got one through the company I work for. Its a great place for getting huge bags of dog food and the like. However, I need dragging away from the kitchen section as you have woks the size of a small kitchen, coffee machines that laugh at starbucks and mixers which cost the same as a small house.

I’ve got a work experience person at the moment working for my department. Its been quite nice since I remember when I had to do work experience and how strange it was. So I’ve given him fun jobs like stripping computers for parts, installing new machines, wiring things and smashing up old harddrives with a claw hammer. He liked the latter one a little too much. He’s also helped install a new CCTV system for me which was a help. I met his teacher today. P.E teachers always scare me. I think they were impressed I gave him actual serious work to do with me rather than making him sit at a computer and type all day. That being said I’ve given him the past 30mins to play around on facebook and download crap on the spare IT machine.

Hope everyone is equally as hot and sweaty as I am. I’ll say no more about the weather 🙂

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Randomness about me :) I live in Manchester (UK), this is my corner of the web to rant, vent and keep a diary of random events in my life.

One thought on “Its almost July and it’s already to hot!”

  1. Sounds like Itunes is very clever, knowing just when to entice you with music :-) And, I totally agree that on payday, we have a full 24 hours to not worry about money, haha.

    Your work experience person is lucky to have had you to assign things.  Smashing up old harddrives with a claw hammer sounds like a wonderful way to get rid of ones frustrations!!

    Glad that Jen’s bump is growing.  How kind of you to do a daily rubbage with cocoa butter.  Other husbands may complain because now their wives will want the same special treatment 🙂

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