A new dawn…


This will be my first proper post in about 2 years. It is something that I miss doing as it helps me, or so the therapist says, to get things off my chest and on to paper. Although I do prefer writing on paper. Even though my hand hurts after an hour or so. Woo. Go the computer generation!

So since this is technically my first post…

Andy Young My name is Andy. I come from Wales but I live & work in Manchester. I like shiny objects, have a strange addiction to nicotine patches and diet coke. So now you know at least one two random facts about me. Hopefully I will have figured out how to put an image in here of me.

Ok, less of the specifics about me as sharing isn’t a key quality in me if I know the person, if I don’t and they don’t know me I’ll quite happily share to my hearts content. Music. That is something which is a huge part of my life. I’m one of these firm believers that there is a song for every conceivable moment in life.

An example, driving through Manchester city centre, 5am in the morning when the light is just starting to creep through the city. Its still dark and murky but you can work out the figures and objects emerging. I had ‘Sweet dreamsMarilyn Manson‘, I’m aware that isn’t the name of song but um nur nur nur, nur nur sweet dreams are made of thiiissss. That one. He covered it which happened to be particularly good.

I once spent a whole summer living the life of a vampire. Not ripping out peoples throats and drinking blood! … actually today’s vampires don’t do that. They wear mascara and have hair covering there eyes. Anyways. I would wake and rise late in the afternoon and sleep at 9am. I used to listen to loads of music during that time. Bob Dylan specifically. Say what you will about his upbringing, poor little rich boy etc, but his music has always had a nice calming effect on me. Even now as I type I can hear the lyrics to shelter in the storm. Sort of a conditioned programming through sleep deprivation from a decade ago heh.

*reads back* hmm. not painting a well rounded image of myself am I.

Have a picture of Molly, the words best dog ™

Molly Wog

Molly is amazing. She makes everything that is bad, wicked and evil in the world better. She does it with a smile, a lick and a leg hump. Yes, alas, my dear sweet Molly is in fact a lesbian. Much rather prefers the company of my leg as opposed to cuddling up with a boy dog. That aside, she is still cute despite being old and into the whole ‘hairing thing’.

So this will do for now. Hugs for all. Oh. Yes. I like hugging everyone. What can I say, I’m cuddly 😉

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Randomness about me :) I live in Manchester (UK), this is my corner of the web to rant, vent and keep a diary of random events in my life.

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