Its sort of shining

Well the weather is trying its hardest to look nice, patches of blue sky which is an improvement over yesterday. As I walked up to the gym it was nice, blue skies and not to cold. The moment I stepped out of the doors it was a complete downpour. I blame the planes that fly ridiculously low. Ok so stockport is basically on the flight path for landing at Manchester Airport. But still, they MUST be triggering the rain.

Last night was nice. I bought me and Jen the 'Louie Theroux' boxset, all the weird weekends or something? really really funny. Last night was the second disk which had Wrestlers, Africa and rappers I think (at that point sleep was demanded). I had never really heard or seen him before, but he amuses. Oh watch the porn star one.

Annnd last night was pancake day, or the whole lent thing if your that way inclined. It was nice, unfortunatly we only had a couple of eggs, well there was three but Jenson ate the one that was past its best before. Funny dog. Amazing how something evil can be cute at the same time. Annnyways. Yes, only managed to make two big ones. And naturally craved sooooo many more afterwards which didn't help. And the flour was off. But we ignore that. The milk wasnt so we were ok.

We filter image emails here. Basically all are external mail is moderated by myself, so anything with an image attached usually is quarentined. Means I get an alert, log in, look at it. If its porn, I yell at people otherwise release it. nine times out of ten its just funny pictures… so I stole them:

Oh and…

That one reminds me of the Molly.

I forgot to mention, the otherday me and Jen we looking at dogs online. Through the RSPCA website, and we found the most awesome dog ever. A blind white one, like a year old called Frosty. He looked amazing and was an instant "awwwww how cute, how much fun would it be teaching a dog to sign". But lame. We can't have him since we haven't moved out yet. Still sad about that, would have been nice. Although I still want my pet wolf.

Back to the realm of work. *Many hugs*

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3 thoughts on “Its sort of shining”

  1. It’s all shiny here too – I was  hoping to get Number One son out into the garden with me to give it a spruce but he’s missing his girlfriend and all I’ve heard every five minutes since 7 am this morning is yet another sigh.
    I love the pics – I’ve seen the hunter one before but not the dog one – now that’s funny.

  2. Aw young love, can imagine it getting frightfully annoying when all you can hear is *sigh* and mopeyness! Good luck getting him infected with the green bug!

  3. “I blame the planes that fly ridiculously low. Ok so stockport is
    basically on the flight path for landing at Manchester Airport. But
    still, they MUST be triggering the rain.”Actually you may be on to something here. Depends on how feasible it is that the power of all the planes landing constantly could create enough of a disturbance in the wind currents to affect the weather and draw in other weather systems. We need at least two teams of scientists, a voodoo priest and a druid to guarantee research success.*cough*Nice to see new blogness mang, good to know life is going well for you :). See you saturday *many hugs*.

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