The Weekend

Hola everybody. I had a nice weekend, although it was a
little brief but then I think all weekends end up like that, the dreading of
the Monday coming and a continuous countdown in your head whilst you try and
enjoy the time you have off. Sort of like holidays from work, the stupid “day
after the day after I’m back at work”.




I had a nice weekend. Me and Jen had to go back to Wales, so
we ended up doing random things around there. As is are custom we kill some
time at any random place that serves food after I finish work, otherwise the
evil that is the m60 gets busy. So least this way we don’t have to sit in a
queue of traffic. It was nice when we got there, my mum had gotten in a few
things for me and Jen to enjoy. Namely some nice Gammon steaks that I grilled
up on Saturday for dinner.


We went on a mission to get the brakes sorted on her car since
they are running low. Turns out the discs need doing as well, and naturally as
sods law would have it, they had none in stock. We had a nice walk around Angel
Bay on Sunday, unfortunately I don’t have the pictures here but they are on
Jens camera. So soon as I can steal then off her I’ll throw some up here.


The fog was nice and thick which made things … pretty? Think
that would be the best word for it. Then we left, came back to the land of
Manchester, where we proceeded to have a nice dinner and *thinks* oh oh
we did a jigsaw of evilness. Well it was nice, but it was round. So boo for
that. Would be nice to do more of them.


Its sad that the thing I miss most about Wales isn’t my
parents, nor my brother, or the place for that matter. Its JD. And Chocolate.
The cat not the food. Spend a lot of time missing those two, think it’s because
they are both mine and I spent such a long time with them when I got them,
rescued them. JD is the worst. I remember when I used to share my bed with him
all the time, that was when he was 20kg lighter, but meh. Dumb dog. And
Chocolate was awesome. He would protect me against most things, and cuddle up
to JD when he could. Now he doesn’t really come near me. Think he doesn’t know
who I am anymore.


Anyways. Enough of the sad things. I had a lovely weekend,
and I saw my animals so all is ok.

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Randomness about me :) I live in Manchester (UK), this is my corner of the web to rant, vent and keep a diary of random events in my life.

4 thoughts on “The Weekend”

  1. we proceeded to have a nice dinner and *thinks* oh oh we did a jigsaw

    Whoa, calm down there Andy. I am a bit worried about your crazy lifestyle 😉

  2. I know. Soon I’ll be going out Thursdays nights, getting hammered and sleeping with random people *glares*I liked doing the jigsaw. It was fun. So neeeeeer. Your just jealous.

  3. Sometimes I go out on Tuesdays too. :p
    And thank you very much, I have turned over a new leaf this year. The only boys I have slept with are Tom and Mark, and I have some sort of twisted relationship with both of them at the moment so technically they are not one night stands and don’t count…

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