We escaped the house and fled to Sherwood Forrest, where the legend of Robin Hood resides. When we got there (eventually after a 2 hour traffic jam) we pitched in the rain whilst the kids stayed in the car playing on phones.

We got soaked. Everything but we managed to get everything setup and changed into dry clothes and settled in with sausages and chips for dinner (we have a little oven). The camp site was also a fishery with 4 lakes and a canal. I brought all my fishing bits with me and taught the kids how to fish.

They loved it and what was even more precious? they both managed to catch a few fish over the weekend. D loved it as well, I had to wrestle one of the rods off her so the kids could have a go. I bought the kids a couple of poles but they found casting more fun so put two reels on.

It was so nice. Just relaxing by the canal. Catching the odd fish but that didnt matter. It was being outside, it was being with my family and an escape from the doom and gloom of the past few weeks.

We went out for a posh meal and Nina the dog was allowed in as well. Of course we had to go to the see the legend that is the forrest. The trees were beautiful and you could really feel the history surrounding you. Seeing the villagers who used to travel through there and where the king would hunt. It used to be over 100,000 acres of land reserved for the king as hunting grounds (this is like 300 years ago) and anyone found plundering food or wood would be punished. Its only about 1,000 acres now but still. You can feel it.

We got home late on yesterday and I’ve so far spent the day putting all the camping stuff back into the attic ready & waiting for the next trip. Hopefully we’ll be going up to Edinburgh to see the family, and some friends at the end of the month.

The new medication seems to be working, well its not new they just upped to the max dose which plays havoc in the morning when I take it for the first ten minutes but after that I feel better on them.

Random memes

Just a few photos that have made the grade and made me smile. Had a great time today at the beach. I think we were only there for an hour but Nina came in the water with me and did really well. Didn’t want to push her to swim due to the fit thing. Figured extremes of hot and cold would be bad. We all got home, redder for it, but a great time was had.

After coming back I noticed my thoughts were getting a bit bizarre so I’m trying this new strategy from the consultant. I took a microdose of promazine liquid and it helped me feel more logical. Then for no reason I started getting really angry for stupid reasons. Like the sink was blocked and I started ranting and raving as I fixed it. B was messing with his food, I shouted, they laughed, down 90mg codeine and et vola anger gone. I love drug addiction.

Tomorrow will be a busy day work wise so worrying about that. I’ll need to leave early to go and sort some stuff at my office. D has Mondays off so it’s the only day I can get out really without having to use her mum to baby sit. It’s not ideal. She doesn’t speak English and B plays up on it. Anyways hopefully I’ll keep myself busy and get things done.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend and now an amazing week ahead if them 🙂 also going camping at the end I the week for a few nights to a fishery. Beyond excited on being able to teach D, S and B to fish.

Google Photos

I discovered that you can mass download all the photos you have saved with Google Photos. 129k photos. I kid you not! Found this gem of a photo which shows probably my first mobile phone back at the end of high school. Only fitting that its taken in the pub, where I was getting drunk aged 16. Ahh the memories 🙂

I’ve been casually looking through the photos all day. Some great memories, some truly horrific but I think its important to recognise both at the same time. Hide as I might from my past, it always comes back to you. I suppose thats what the medication is for, so I dont remember too much.

I’ve not been well the past few days. Mentally I’m struggling and now I’m getting physical symptoms as well. My stomach in knots, the other me trying to take over and burst out. Its like walking through cement again. I only just got over my last bump and now another one? so soon? I hate this. The way it makes me feel. The thoughts it makes me have and the pain I put through others by not being available.

I had my thearapy yesterday which I was dreading. Turned out to be super useful in the end as he gave me a few more things for my skills toolbox to use when things are getting bad. He also asked if I needed hospitalisation but I couldnt and wont put the burden onto the hospitals. They are busy enough with covid. I’ll get through it. Just wish I knew how to get rid of the physical feelings because its bursting at the seams. All I can do is sit and wait for it to pass. Act normal and keep going. Despite what the other one wants me to do.

Enough of that.

Watched the last episode of friends just now. I never got round to watching the last series so I’ve been watching it on and off with D this and last month. It ended. I wasn’t sad but thats because I was expecting it. D was in tears. I just kept thinking about the reunion episode and how much crap 4 of them had injected into there faces. Joey was the clear winner. Weight gain is natural. Botox is not.

Tomorrow is weekend. I promised B to take him swimming and then a visit to the museum while D goes to work. Looking forward to that. Proper daddy-son day. Hell. Might take him fishing on Sunday too, if I can find a new shelter tent to buy!

Have a great weekend everyone


My saviour once again. Music.

You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down

Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand
Workin’ in the dark against your fellow man
But as sure as God made black and white
What’s down in the dark will be brought to the light

Maybe something a bit new-ish 😉

Bite my tongue, bide my time
Wearing a warning sign
Wait ’til the world is mine
Visions I vandalize
Cold in my kingdom size

Addiction. Addiction is a killer, that much is true but the overwhelming feeling of forever saying no to every last prompt from your brain is so tiring. The irrational arguments your brain makes to try and trick you into saying yes and caving into your craving. I’m not just focussing on drink but having an addictive nature really isn’t much fun sometimes. You can reach out to people but if they have never been in the grips of a true addiction they will never understand. I do envy them, never having that nawing feeling and withdrawl. But then again I pity that they never got to experience such highs.

This is why music is so important to me. Its always been there in some form or another. Throughout my whole life I have always been fortunate to have music as a fall back. A safety net that I can stick in my ears and let the world detune a little bit and give me some space. The only problem is when I focus to hard on the lyrics and warp them into a personal situation. But I guess thats the point, isn’t it? to relate to music and make it apply to a situation, memory or whatever is occuring in our lives.

Weekend Report

So I had a nice weekend. D was working and then away training till late last night. I took the opportunity and had a Daddy and Son day. We went a park near by, B rode his bike while I chased after him on foot carrying a picnic, football and his ice cream. It was warm, it was green and it was bonding. We both had a great time, it was nice to let go and not think about much. After a few hours we came home. B hasn’t been very well the past few days (he’s the definition of health now) so we stayed at home and chilled. Playing Roblox, watching movies and talking.

It was mine and D’s wedding anniversary yesterday, its a shame we didn’t spend much of it together but she sent me a lovely message just after midnight which was great to wake up and read yesterday morning. I am proud of that. Sticking together through it all for this long. Long may it continue. The marriage. Not that bad stuff. That stuff can bugger off. The time we had together in the evening was amazing as always. R came round yesterday as well, my other daughter who doesn’t live with me. She brought fathers day presents and we had an awesome day playing and catching up which I love doing with her. Hearing about her life and then relaying whats happened in mine. S came back from her dads and all three of us had a monster McDonalds delivery and stuff our fat little faces. It was bliss.


Today I’m sat waiting for the delivery of a new mattress as the current one is beyond bad. You can feel it poking and jabbing all night, far too soft so your spine has melted by the morning. So working from home this morning sending emails and catching up on admin. Also flitting between this and the other tabs with some music going. American Witch by Rob Zombie. The randomness of my play lists as the song is swiftly followed by an Eminem song.

Hope everyone has an awesome day.

The weekend report

What an awesome weekend. Lovely weather again and lots of nice things to talk about. But first of all random picture time from the weekend below.

Pretty Flowers in Heaton ParkThe Queue for Ice Cream!The TongueMolly Wogs drinking

We finally got our Toast-o-matic from the kingsmill people. Its pretty cool, only let down is that it is made of plastic and not ceramic which we thought it would be. But yay none the less. Now we are only waiting for the oven mitts and we'll be all set. Also weird thing. A few days previous homebase delivered a lawn mower for next door. Jen took the parcel and when we came to give it to next door they refused it saying they didn't order one. I opened up the delivery note and it was definitely for them! Called homebase who were really surprised at my call and asked why I would call them. "Well, I didn't want to steal a lawnmower off you!" "Oh. Ok well erm we'll send someone round to pick it up". Have yet to hear anything from them. So next time I won't do the right thing then!

On saturday we did some gardening. We finally moved the sun flowers which were slowly growing out of control to the garden. So off to B&Q, picked up a trough and soil and yayness. So they are outside with my strawberry planets of wooness and hopefully soon we'll be having an army of strawberries and sun flowers.

We also hit the park and had a lovely sit down there. The pictures from above are taken from there. As you can see. Mollys tongue is insanely long!

Also before I forget Asda have an awesome Ben and Jerrys deal where the tubs are three pounds! Yay for brownie and cookie dough. The best flavour ever. I also managed to eat a whole tub in under 10 mins again causing stomach and brain freeze at the same time. Bad times. But cookie dough!

Sunday was spent at the car bootsale at bowlee. We packed a mighty picnic and put it in the cooler which lives in the car. I think we are quite sad now as we're clearly beyond are years. A coolbox which plugs into the cigarette adapter and keeps the food cold. I think that is great. But clearly. Sad. Anyways. We got lots of bargins

which hopefully you can see on the right.

They had this cool harry potter towel oh oh and Ghost rider, which was ruined by having a 40 something action hero as the main character but oh my god was only a pound so had to be bought for cheesyness! Also Aeon Flux which we watched tonight, but that film is good (since I love Equilibrium, Ultra Violet etc) and was also a pound. Should have bought the stall and flogged the dvds on ebay heh.

Also managed to get an egyption oil burner thing, new basket for mollys toys, pins of rock um mr beans car which is really good and still sealed. Unfortunatley we were both stupid enough, for the second week running to not put sun tan lotion on. Jen is really badly burned at the mo as well. Meh.

To the left is my bag which holds everything. At the carboot was this stall which had some badges and a few sabbath ones so naturally we bought them all. I stole one for my bag 🙂

I also picked up Focus. Its a good simple science magazine that I like. I used to subscribe to this and new scientist but had to stop for reasons unknown at the moment. They had a really good article about the new probe they are launching into space, as well as the new array which is watching for planets orbitting other suns. Basic princble is to watch a square of space, and if they spot anything moving across one of the suns in the star system that would indicate a planet. The likened it to spotting a knat passing a head light. Madness. Anyways they mentioned SETI which is a project I have given thousands of hours, and lots of donations to for the past 8 years or so. Which is always good.

I'll do a post about that another time as right now am falling asleep. I climbed about in the attic digging the fan out but unfortunatly am now covered in fibreglass and my throat is really sore! lame.

Have more pictures.

Bob and MollyCards Cards Cards!Harry Potter towel!Mr Beans Car

M60 at Night

A-ha! I think vox has finally conceeded and allowed me to put the image
in. The beneath was taken at night on a foot  bridge near Jen's. We
were messing about the shutter speeds and also messing with drivers
heads with the flash on the camera. Nothing like seeing a line a cars
slamming on the breaks after seeing the flash.

Today has been a nice day. Work has been interesting today, and
has been for the past couple of months. Despite the effect the
recession has had on everyone it has spurred on new developments
greatly. So planning new projects for new ideas is both exciting and
taxing in equal measures. But is fun. Nothing worse that doing the same thing over and over.

Which leads me onto this film. Room 1408 which is a really good film.
Very scary as well which is a rare thing these

days. When a director
does over kill on the effects (see AVP2) and tries to cater for
everything it just ruins the film completely. This on the other hand uses really good special effects which promotes an idea which scares you. At least it did me, people will probably disagree with that one. Stephen King films, I've found are usually hit and miss. I loved 'The Stand' the book was really good as well, and was much more of an action film, then you have IT or Desperation. Which was a fantastic book-film adaptation.

1408 was great because it played of fears which most of us have. Then the cliche horror ones such as staring into a reflection and seeing something come up behind you. In the case of this film what did it for me was when he thought he had broken free of the room and reality came literally crashing in.

Saying that I love my horror films. Me and Jen have a hell of a collection going on now. Must be in the region of 350-400 dvds. At least half being horror films. I have a love for cheesy Evil Dead types. As well as anything zombie related or 'Of the dead' plastered at the end. Just a shame we don't get Zone Horror as its a highlight of going to see Jen's dad who has it! Awesome channel.

I've been stopped from going back to Wales this weekend because of Bob. My mum doesn't want JD to be near another male dog. Its a shame as I was looking forward to going back. If only to go to the craft shop with Jen, and maybe a quick stop at the fabric shop to see the different things they have there. Will have to make do with Hobby Craft and online stores. Which now puts me in the mood to do either some more scrap booking or mosiac tiling.

On the plus side its apparently going to be another sunny weekend. So I think this time we should get prepared and put on some sun tan lotion to stop evil burning happening again. Am looking forward to it. I truly love the summer, and it always puts me in such a better mood.

We stopped by the new house last night to check out the playground. We were both stunned with what we found. We learned the property has a garage annnd the right of way is actually far from the house! not only that but huge playing fields so I can run Molly in the morning!! Also not a sign of shiny white trainers nor tracksuit bottomed people! woo!

I've also managed to fall in love with 'We're Not Gonna Take It' such a good song for when its sunny. Lovely and uplifting.

Bank Holiday Weekend

Heaton Park in the Sun
Heaton Park Golf Course
Heaton Park Golf Course
Heaton Park Lake
Bob and Molly
Bob and Me
Heaton Hall
What a lovely bank holiday weekend we've just had. The weather was so nice and every time we went out we found decent parking. Ok so finding it hard to not be British and proclaim it was 'To hot'. As it was at times but that was due to sun burn and lack of wind!

The weekend was also the two year mark for me and Jen. She bought me an awesome alarm clock thingie where I can plug my iPod in to charge before abusing it for the day. I bought her a cd she was missing from her Rob Zombie collection. The Devils rejects. Which by the way is a truly great film. The first picture is of an opened lilly from a boquet of flowers I got Jen. Oh word to the wise; the pollen stains! Jen made me a card with a cross stitch she did on the front. Although I don't have pictures of that. Meh.

So we are dog sitting for Jen's aunt. Bob. I think I posted of a picture of him last year when we were house sitting for them. He's four years old, quarter of the size of Molly and is a jack russel thingie. He is lovely although he has never been trained nor has he ever been taken for a walk. Which is really horrible. We soon rectified that and took both him and Molly on lots of walks and runs and you should have seen his little nub of a tail wag, he was so happy!

The next set of pictures are from the different parks we went to. The first one is a park in Bury that we randomly went to. There were people playing cricket in the middle of the park which had its own pitch. Was fun to watch as the people playing were really good. We mooched over to Heaton Park and after battling are way to the car park we luckily found one of the best spots.

As its Europe's largest municipal park it has a big golf course hidden in there, so thought it was time for fancy picture taking. We walked past the lake as well where there were lots of people on the water. Would be so much fun to take the dogs on there just to see how they would do.

By this point I think we were all getting nicely sun burned heh.

We stopped for a while to bask in the sun and molly started trying to steal are coke bottles before we finished them. She has a nice obsession of ragging them. As you can see Bob was just trying to chill as he's old while I distracted molly by playing with the bottle with her.

OH and then I thought bob could have a picture. He was basically asleep in my hand, so the picture wasn't as mean as it looks!

He is quite funny, although from baby sitting him we've noticed that Molly is really defensive about her stuff. Despite giving them two seperate bowls each on different ends of the room Molly still won't let him eat. Wouldn't mind except that Pepsi (the cat) is the dominant male in the house, and Molly is a girlie!

He also snores. Very very very loudly which wakes us up in the middle of the night.

On the way out I thought I'd take a picture of heaton hall in all its prettyness.

So that was on Sunday. We spend saturday inside not doing much of anything and just relaxing. I played to much Need for Speed on the xbox, and then we watched randomness till the small hours.

On Monday we were invited by Jen's dad and girlfriend out to a meal for lunch for are anniversary which was really nice of them. We picked up Jen's nan on the way and arranged to meet them at Pennington Flash in Leigh which is down the road from her Dad's. We all had a lovely time there. Bob especially. We managed to get a picnic table and setup camp there while we waited for them to turn up. So an hour later of burning in the sun they showed and we all went off to have food. We went to a place called Toby Carvery which was awesome. You fill a plate up with random caveryness and then we all had dessert afterwards. It was a really nice and unexpected treat. Belgian waffles with ice cream and cherries is the best dessert ever!

And so that was the end of the bank holiday. As soon as we got back, the clouds thickened and turned grey. The rain drops started to fall. A suitable end to a lovely weekend as the weather is now allowed to be bad again till next weekend 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend too.

Weekendy Update

Ok so weekend update, and have started this at 5.10 so not doing this last second for once. I had a nice weekend, its strange the weekends here in Manchester are alot more relaxed than the ones in wales. I'm guessing this is mostly due to the hassle of driving around everywhere, plus I feel bad Jen driving all the time since I still havent sorted out a car as of yet. Maybe next pay day I'll get one if other things dont come up which require money being thrown at them. i.e silly brakes and brake disc things. Silly cars.

We had the house to ourselves on the Friday night which is always good. It means we can spaz out of the couch and watch random crap on tv. This is always a welcome thing. The weekend also seemed longer and better because of the day off that I had on the thursday. Saturday was spent take molly to Sale Water park which is near trafford park and it was fun. She had a hell of a time running around, the dog not jen although I think she had a nice time too. Will have to stick some photos up here to show it. It was a beautiful sunny day, cold but blue skies.

After that we headed back and passed out for a while. Sunday we cleared out the spare room which is awesome now. Jen boxed everything up whilst I stood in the box room in awe of all the stuff in there that we've managed to get together for the move. Its basically like the contents of a shop called the pier, random objects from other shops and some nice bowls from Aflecs Palace which I attempted to steal from her but she noticed. Grr.

Oh we also cleaned the car. The water we used started to freeze on the top. Silly cold weather.

"Americans from a British point of view can be summed up in two words. Fanny Pack". A disturbing quote arrising from the usual talk of international relations, and the fact that everyone has an opinion on things. What started off with talking about the EU and the Turks joining, turned into the Russians joining and then some how onto America. Fun random amusements to make the day go by.

Sorry for not coming up this weekend Owen/Dora. Snake pass is still closed and have yet to navigate a way across there other than via the evil motorway that people keep crashing on. A lame excuse but a true one 😦 might as well take the train… can you take a dog on a train?

many hugs all

The Weekend

Hola everybody. I had a nice weekend, although it was a
little brief but then I think all weekends end up like that, the dreading of
the Monday coming and a continuous countdown in your head whilst you try and
enjoy the time you have off. Sort of like holidays from work, the stupid “day
after the day after I’m back at work”.




I had a nice weekend. Me and Jen had to go back to Wales, so
we ended up doing random things around there. As is are custom we kill some
time at any random place that serves food after I finish work, otherwise the
evil that is the m60 gets busy. So least this way we don’t have to sit in a
queue of traffic. It was nice when we got there, my mum had gotten in a few
things for me and Jen to enjoy. Namely some nice Gammon steaks that I grilled
up on Saturday for dinner.


We went on a mission to get the brakes sorted on her car since
they are running low. Turns out the discs need doing as well, and naturally as
sods law would have it, they had none in stock. We had a nice walk around Angel
Bay on Sunday, unfortunately I don’t have the pictures here but they are on
Jens camera. So soon as I can steal then off her I’ll throw some up here.


The fog was nice and thick which made things … pretty? Think
that would be the best word for it. Then we left, came back to the land of
Manchester, where we proceeded to have a nice dinner and *thinks* oh oh
we did a jigsaw of evilness. Well it was nice, but it was round. So boo for
that. Would be nice to do more of them.


Its sad that the thing I miss most about Wales isn’t my
parents, nor my brother, or the place for that matter. Its JD. And Chocolate.
The cat not the food. Spend a lot of time missing those two, think it’s because
they are both mine and I spent such a long time with them when I got them,
rescued them. JD is the worst. I remember when I used to share my bed with him
all the time, that was when he was 20kg lighter, but meh. Dumb dog. And
Chocolate was awesome. He would protect me against most things, and cuddle up
to JD when he could. Now he doesn’t really come near me. Think he doesn’t know
who I am anymore.


Anyways. Enough of the sad things. I had a lovely weekend,
and I saw my animals so all is ok.