Weekend Report

It was a good weekend. As usual it flew by, which is a good thing & bad rolled into one.
Saturday involved an early morning trek to Stockport to find maternatey clothes for J. You get so much free stuff when your pregnant its unreal. The books they give you all contradict each other, they also have conflicting things that you can and can’t do. I do find it funny, its an obvious area that people cash in on, where you need to have the ‘best’ thing for your child. The marketing is fantastic. It’s something that I’ve started to notice more with my role at work. To appreciate good marketering when you see it.

Do you love your unborn child? if you really do they you’ll spend hundreds on THIS device, otherwise they will grow up a freak and won’t amount to anything in life.

Thats pretty much the gist of what they put out there. That being said, we will no doubt succome to this advertising and buy countless articles of clothes they will grow out of in minutes. Part of the fun. They had an awesome pirate costume. Which will have to be bought for halloween next year. Which has to be the best time of year ever.

The bank also made me chuckle on Saturday. After waiting in a shockingly long queue the very helpful teller asked, “Do you know the state of your account?”. Why the hell else would I be wasting 20 minutes of my Saturday throwing money at the bank.

I also got a game called Left 4 Dead. Far to addictive shooting zombies.

Today we went to Cleeveleys. Or however you spell it. Its a less touristy version of Blackpool with a nice beach. Molly loved it, when we got there she jumped straight into a puddle and did mad little sprints everywhere.

You could even see Blackpool tower. And as you can clearly see Molly was smiling as she jumped, dived and rolled around in the sea. When we drove back we stopped at J’s dad for fathers day and had an impromptu bbq. It was nice. I simply sat and took photos.

I’m so tired its unreal. 3 hours driving in the baking sun with some lovely sun burn.

Totally worth it. Hope everyone had an equally great weekend.

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Randomness about me :) I live in Manchester (UK), this is my corner of the web to rant, vent and keep a diary of random events in my life.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Report”

  1. Sounds like you had a busy and fun weekend, Andy.  You are so right about the pregnancy books and the marketing.

    I remember, over the 10 years of having and adopting children, how many things “changed.”  At one point, the “experts” said that babies should sleep on their backs.  During my next pregnancy, the “experts” said that babies should sleep on their tummies.  By my last child, they had come up with the ridiculous notion that babies should sleep on their sides, and this involved buying a special cushion to hold them that way.  My thoughts were that if God meant for them to sleep that way, we would not need a pillow to hold them that way.  I went right on putting them on their tummies and they slept just fine 🙂

  2. My brother and his wife are having a baby so I went into Mamas and Papas to have a look at some of the gear I might be expected to purchase for said baby as it’s my only niece/ nephew. Christ alive, who knew that something so little could require that much gear? Taking a baby out must be like mobilising an army, plus if you haven’t got an estate car you haven’t got a snowflakes chance of fitting it all in. And why are push chairs so varied, complicated and pricey? Chair on wheels for small folks, the concept is simple. Something engineered by NASA scientists that requires a PhD in advanced mechanical engineering to fold up and down is the reality, The way forward seems to be to ignore the experts because they’ll have changed their minds by next week anyway.

  3. It was lovely just what I needed before the madness of the week I’ve just had! 10 years? that would make you an expert and now I have someone to pester to answer my questions heh.I agree with you. I think so long as its common sense then baby will be fine 🙂

  4. Such an awesome shop. We went to the one in the Trafford Centre here as it was the closest. We’re still trying to make a list of the things we’ll need. So far we have kindly been bought a ‘Travel system’, not a pram but a ‘Travel system. Apparently that part is very important.Took a while to figure it out but wasn’t insanely bad. What actually is bad however are the child seats for cars. An hour to try and work that out and I still have no idea how to hook them up. I think baby will just be duck taped into place.So lucky I got a bigger car. I’m dreading the first trip away for Christmas to see family since it will be travel cot, high chair, moses basket, pram, car seat, changing stuff etc etc.

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