Report from Rochdale

This blog entry started off with ‘Report from Blackburn’ but am since no longer there. Which is a good thing as it took two hours to get there and then another two hours to come home after work. Least that contract is done now. Now am based in Rochdale which is good, its closer to home and only takes about 20mins on a good day.

The job is going well. am enjoying it alot more than I have at previous jobs. The atmosphere is nice and the people are friendly to work with. I think the biggest difference is that there are only five of us, rather than the army at all the other places I have worked. I can also work from home when things get a bit too much. My job mainly involves generating interest and leads, which the sales guys then do there thing with. So long as lead levels are high and the quality of the lead is as well, then the bosses are generally happy.

They also buy me lunch. The value of this is not to be under estimated.

Still seeing Adam on Thursdays at the hospital. Hmm. I’ll post more in a mo.

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