Meh Bleh Heat

I’ll try not to moan about the heat as the office I am in is baking. I bought a mars bar at lunch. It has now completely melted in the wrapper and rendered itself inedible. I want chocolates. Always the things you can’t have.

I feel like doing a post because I always found it therapeutic to put things onto paper. In the hiatus I had since I last posted, my support workers made me write letters to people. They were never sent, presumably my support workers read them and had a giggle but I never saw them again. I’m stable again which is good. My knee is killing me as I have a job with a long-ish commute. So thankfully D is very supporting and will let me put my foot up when I get home tonight. She has no idea how nice that would be.

The other day I was playing with the way back machine, it allows you to look at websites and see how they once were. I used to blog. Alot. and had a lot of readers and I did a lot of reading.

I’ll start with a quote:
“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”
Sir Winston Churchill British politician (1874 – 1965)

I suppose that’s the difference between the British and everyone else. We’ll admit that we re-write history. As opposed to the German, “What war?”.

Then again, I suppose good ‘ol Churchill meant it in the context of the future and not re-writing the past.


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