Silly vox thing, I did a post and it died, a few times which is starting to get annoying. Anyways. Things with me are ok. Scary mortgage things are going through the motions, the application has been sent off which is good so now I guess we wait and see what happens.

I've been listening to, to much vnv nation. I do that now and then, go through phases where its listening to one group or band in hugely unhealthy amounts. Meh. It works, it keeps the brain in order and amused. However am slowly loosing the battle against my wallet to not buy all the cds I want. I know I should just burn a hooky copy of them instead, but still you can't really beat the real thing sometimes.

People brought me chocolates and cakes. This amuses 🙂


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Randomness about me :) I live in Manchester (UK), this is my corner of the web to rant, vent and keep a diary of random events in my life.

4 thoughts on “Opps”

  1. “Enveloped in a sentiment,
    a sound that rushes over me.
    Engage an impulse to pretend
    I have a faith as pure.”Someone find Ronan his perfect burger, the poor man must be starving ;).Glad to hear the house stuff is going well, do you have long left before you can move in?Off to Italy on saturday for a week to chill and see if skiing can make me happy, we’ll sort out meeting up when I get backzor. Take care mang.*many hugs*PS – Can you email or text me your mailing address, postcards must happen :).

  2. Well it sounds like you have things sorted now anyway… It would be nice to meet up sometime. Its has been a year since I last saw you. One does wonder whether you are avoiding me. 😦

  3. heh much amusement. Oh and the house stuff got more complicated but I’ve been lazy and am trying to sort it out. Hope the week in Italy was good and relaxing man, and thanks for texting back while you were there.*hugs*

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