Weekendy Update

Ok so weekend update, and have started this at 5.10 so not doing this last second for once. I had a nice weekend, its strange the weekends here in Manchester are alot more relaxed than the ones in wales. I'm guessing this is mostly due to the hassle of driving around everywhere, plus I feel bad Jen driving all the time since I still havent sorted out a car as of yet. Maybe next pay day I'll get one if other things dont come up which require money being thrown at them. i.e silly brakes and brake disc things. Silly cars.

We had the house to ourselves on the Friday night which is always good. It means we can spaz out of the couch and watch random crap on tv. This is always a welcome thing. The weekend also seemed longer and better because of the day off that I had on the thursday. Saturday was spent take molly to Sale Water park which is near trafford park and it was fun. She had a hell of a time running around, the dog not jen although I think she had a nice time too. Will have to stick some photos up here to show it. It was a beautiful sunny day, cold but blue skies.

After that we headed back and passed out for a while. Sunday we cleared out the spare room which is awesome now. Jen boxed everything up whilst I stood in the box room in awe of all the stuff in there that we've managed to get together for the move. Its basically like the contents of a shop called the pier, random objects from other shops and some nice bowls from Aflecs Palace which I attempted to steal from her but she noticed. Grr.

Oh we also cleaned the car. The water we used started to freeze on the top. Silly cold weather.

"Americans from a British point of view can be summed up in two words. Fanny Pack". A disturbing quote arrising from the usual talk of international relations, and the fact that everyone has an opinion on things. What started off with talking about the EU and the Turks joining, turned into the Russians joining and then some how onto America. Fun random amusements to make the day go by.

Sorry for not coming up this weekend Owen/Dora. Snake pass is still closed and have yet to navigate a way across there other than via the evil motorway that people keep crashing on. A lame excuse but a true one 😦 might as well take the train… can you take a dog on a train?

many hugs all

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