QotD: When I Retire…

What do you plan to do when you retire?

Wait until all the offices and businesses go to lunch and then at that exact moment, go to the postoffice and talk to the people working there for as long as I can or at least until the queue is out of the door. Or maybe filling the isle by turning it into a meeting point. Then failing that be as obnoxious as possible with a wheel chair. Great. Your crippled. It doesn't mean that you should try and ram me with your wheel chair. You can wait like everyone else.

Oh and in other news I now have a new car! well. the milage counter went from 99,999 miles to 0 so yay! a 1997 Fiesta which has only done 6 miles. Woo.

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Randomness about me :) I live in Manchester (UK), this is my corner of the web to rant, vent and keep a diary of random events in my life.

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