Random QOTD

What makes you cry?

This is a weird one for me. I cry. A lot. But not over sad stuff, sad stuff you would expect tears a plenty but no. I think its to do with my emotional irregulation. I can watch a movie. For agruments sake, “Armageddon”, I cried so much during the scene where Harry called his daugthers boyfriend “Son”. BUT funerals or expected events in which you would usually shed a tear? they just don’t happen for me.

Son running up to me saying he loves me or I start thinking about him, my wife and strong memories and yeah I cry. Hard. You sort of get this ” Why can you just cry” going on in your head and its just blah, nothing happens but the moment its something family related and I’m wondering why I can’t control it.

I think its good to cry. Healthy. To get to that emotional state of out pouring and it is a relief in a lot of ways being able to do that. Of course all the judgement comes with it but still a vital human trait I find.

How about you? can you cry at will? or maybe not at all? do you wish you could?

Random QOTD

If you could see any movie, tv show, play or sporting event “on ice,” what would you choose to see performed on ice skates?

Evil Dead or Dawn of the Dead. In anycase something with zombies. Don’t ask me why but there would be something both satisfying and amusing to see a zombie skating after you, trying to eat your brain.

Random QOTD

What Would You Rather Throw Away: Love Or Money?

Money. Every time. But I have come to that conclusion through heart ache, loss and pain. See my theory is you can only answer this question if you’ve had or have money. I had money. I had a hell of a salary, Nice job, well respected. I would constantly goto restaurants for meals, shop for anything I ever wanted or though I needed and yeah. It was nice and enjoyed it. It did however make me a slave to the wage.

By rebuilding and changing my purpose I found more happiness in love then I could ever find in money. Walks on the beach, watching a movie, board games things like that started to fill my days after I was “compromise agreemented” out if the building back in 2013. I found it hard. Very hard in fact to flip over to the other side. There was no safety net but the Freedom it brought me mentally was worth its weight in gold.

That was a lesson learned. Then came the fun of diying everything to save on the cash. Doing tasks I usually paid people to do or a whole collection of blah.

What Would you answer and why?

QotD: Endings

Do you think it's true that "All good things must come to an end?"

Depressing though the answer is, yes. Otherwise what would be the point? you would never appreciate anything since it would never end. Short & sweet moments to keep life exciting and thrilling and make those 'moments' all the more precious.

Does that mean I'm not allowed to bitch about the weekend being so short, ever again? pfft. Asides complaining and the weather, I'd have nothing else to blog about!

QotD: Eat Your Veggies

Today is “Eat Your Vegetables Day.” What vegetable do you love to eat? Hate?

I like Carrots, and I like Brussell sprouts. But which one is better.. Fiiiiiggggghhhhttt.

In all seriousness it would more than likely be carrots. The way I always love cooking them which is done with some nice fresh ones. Peeled, put into simmering water, raise to the boil and then reduce to simmer again. Leave it for like 15mins, drain, put in some butter, cover and put back on the cooling hob, stick a lid on. Shake it about at bit and then then drain butterness into something, put down the carrots and then drizzle on top.

Particularly nice with a home made mini pie. I made some really nice ones last week, I did it with stewed steak and beans. A weird combo but so nice. I used puff pastry for the tops and yum. I had enough of it left over (puff pastry) to make some the next day for dipping in soup.

Today was good. I had first aid training at St Johns ambulance place. It is next door to the McVities factory and you could smell biscuits wafting in all day. It was lovely. It was good, I actually enjoyed it. I was the only one for the company going, so I made friends with the random 20 or so people there. Partly because I was used abused for every example. I had bandages on my head, arms, pretend to faint, example for recovery positions. It was amazing, they had an espresso maker which used fresh beans and it was free! I made a quadruple one and I was mimicking a hmming bird for the afternoon.

Long story short, I got a free pen, certificate (in the post) and I’m insured if some scum decide to sue me should they not be happy I administered first aid!

I wonder how I will react if I see something happening in the street. I suppose that is something everyone asks. How will you react if someone was in need of help in the middle of the street? I hope I don’t freeze and I take charge. I certainly hope I dont turn the other cheek and pretend something isnt happening, like you hear about so often on the news.

I guess you never know till you are tested!

QotD: Those Were the Best Days of My Life…

What's the best summer you've ever had?

See. I want to say a recent one but none come to mind. Don't get me wrong, I've had countless great days in the summer, just not an entire duration. One that does come to mind is back in High School. See you appreciated it then, 10 weeks of school free days, no homework to hand it, no bullies, no nothing! Brilliant.

I used to work at my parents factory during the summer, being the bosses son I could always get away with murder. A lot of the workers there were good friends as well. The deviants of society, but they were almost like an extension of family as I would see them everyday from when I was 10 till well, 18 when I buggered off to uni. So this one summer, it was so hot that I chose to work outside with one of the other workers. For six weeks we had constant water fights, driving around on the quad bike to cool down, racing on the fork lift trucks and the best job of all, gathering up all the dissused cardboard and making a huge bonfire every week. Must of been when I was 12 or 13 as thats when I got the work permit from the council. See, was even paying the NHS money at that age!!

Today has been nice. The weather outside has been beautiful without a cloud in sight. The lunch time stroll was eventful as a butterfly decided to follow me along the path at the back of where I work. The only downside is I think I angered the sun burn on my neck again. A small price to be outside when the weather is like this.

I did do a rant about a certain university spewing out some rubbish about the philosophy of maths and cultural studies but shall bite my tongue.

Hope the weather is great the world over!

QotD: It’s the Little Things…

Do you keep track of how much money you spend on non-essential luxuries, like gourmet coffee and snacks? Are there certain little indulgences you cannot live without no matter how tight your budget?
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Yes & No. Keeping an eye on everything would be a bad thing. I figure if you can afford one or two, small, luxury items then life is good. For me it would be my can of diet Coke. As silly as that sounds, I must have my can every day. Preferably before work as that way I can focus on my work. However sometimes I let it slide till lunch time and purposely walk for 30 mins to a certain shop to get it.

So that is all of 60p!

*thinks* blowing circa £50 on iTunes, consistantly, every month I could border line life without. However, music plays a very important role in my life. I could get away with filing that under essential heh.


I forgot to post these two pictures yesterday.

JD is all his awesomness at the farm a couple of weeks ago. He has gotten so fat, but his is still so huggable it brings a tear to your eye to see him leave. Chocolate on the other hand is still as vicious as ever. I keep forgetting how sharp his little claws are and how easily they scratch, even when he is just stretching!

Work was hectic today.

Hectic days are never good because there are enough hours in the day to finish my to-do list and project management. They also decided to change Asda at Eastlands again. Foolish people, it was fine. I’m sure the Mancunians will unite and demand the store to be changed back.

Oh. WHEN did they start charging per sodding item from the Doctors‘? Complete and utter madness. In Wales perscriptions are free. You don’t pay a single penny. I went to the doctors and got perscribed two items. I thought, “Fair enough, £7.50.”. But no. Per item. I even made a fool of myself complaining that the silly doctor should have put both on the same perscription, but was correct. That would be the naive Welsh person inside me.

Grr. Money is tight as it is without the NHS screwing me over! What’s worse is I have to go back in two weeks for more!

I’ll stop ranting non-sensically now.

QotD: White Lies

What is a recent white lie you told?

Of course I'll move my accounts to you if you do this deal. That was to Scan in Bolton on computer parts. Managed to get 25% of the order total saving about £250. Huzzah.

So I haven't posted in a while as work as been absolutly manic this past week, been trying to get as many projects out the door before fleeing on holiday. Which is tomorrow. Although the drive is now somewhat daunting as people have told me its between 6-7 hours driving. Insane.

My dads birthday was nice last weekend. Although we had to make a big change of plans and not go out as his health went bad again. But was nice to sit with him and talk about things. Then Jen started putting golf balls about. So now will have to take the sticks back up to Manc when a house is sorted. Oh and the house. People still haven't gotten back to me. Every time I phone they claim they are still awaiting responce from the owners. Annoying.

Oh if people want a postcard can they message me there address oh or text it as I lost them. Since my phone is quite clearly annoying.

Yesterday I went on an itunes splurge and managed to make a chilled play list consisting of Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, UB40 and other soothing sounds. Yay for falling asleep while driving!

many hugs all.

QotD: Biggest Obstacle in the Last 24 Hours

What's the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome within the last 24 hours?
Submitted by ILoveYouMr.Dragon.

The keep it light hearted I would have to say resisting the urge to buy Guitar Hero : Metallica edition after seeing both Judas Priest & System of a down on the line up. £79. Insane.

Today was a roller coaster. Those that know me may realise I have a slight social phobia when it comes to meeting my friends. More like a nervous OMG its been ages kind of thing. With a dab of insecurity about them disliking me. Anyways after falling asleep at 2am, 2 hours of staring at the cieling debating wether to slip the iPod on to fall asleep to soothing sounds of Jean Michelle Jarre, I finally managed to doze off.

Today I was due to meet Owen. Something I've been so excited about for a couple of weeks since I booked the time off. Jen dropped me off at the train station at 9am and I plodded my way to the platform. As I got to the stairs I thought "I bet something stupid will happen to the train".

Bought the tickets.

Went to platform.

"All trains to Sheffield cancelled"


So managed to find someone who explained buses were running but were heavily overbooked due to the time I was there (rush hour). Not to mention I get travel sick. Very badly travel sick. Was going to be bad enough on the train! So after telling Owen, I managed to get hold of Jen and by 10am I was back outside. Meh. Was really bummed out by it, and moaned alot to Jen which I appologised for by buying breakfast.

Saturday is my dads 66th birthday so will be travelling to wales for the day then back here, then drive to Owens rather than ever take the stupid train ever again.