QotD: Why I Blog

Why do you blog?
Submitted by Syafira.

Its something I've done since 1998? something like that. Towards the end of highschool and as a way of venting my frustrations. I started off with my own site and progressed from there. I work by writing everything out and then look at it, and then things suddenly make sense in my head.

Unfortunatly I do the same at work which is why there is paper everywhere with notes and pictures scribbled all over them. Probably because I dont have the brain capacity to work it out up there heh.

Also, yes, good way of keeping in touch with friends. But the idea when I first started was never for that reason but just a place to vent my views and things to make myself feel better.

QotD: When I Retire…

What do you plan to do when you retire?

Wait until all the offices and businesses go to lunch and then at that exact moment, go to the postoffice and talk to the people working there for as long as I can or at least until the queue is out of the door. Or maybe filling the isle by turning it into a meeting point. Then failing that be as obnoxious as possible with a wheel chair. Great. Your crippled. It doesn't mean that you should try and ram me with your wheel chair. You can wait like everyone else.

Oh and in other news I now have a new car! well. the milage counter went from 99,999 miles to 0 so yay! a 1997 Fiesta which has only done 6 miles. Woo.

QotD: Mind Your Manners!

If you could enforce one rule of etiquette, what would it be?
Submitted by S@ngarang.

Closing your mouth while you eat. I swear to god its like burrowing a drill into my forehead and then pouring petrol and salt into the hole. I can't stand people who chew with there mouth open. Its just. Argrggggh. People who do this should be forced to eat food through a straw, but then they would probably slurp when they got to the end.

That pringles advert where they used to crunch the crisps used to drive me round the bend as well.

I'll be quiet now.

QotD: I Smell Roses

What's your favorite scent?

When you walk past the Body Shop and you can smell like the combination of everything they have. Except some days it smells nice. Other days it can smell like ass. Probably on these days they are putting the sell items on display. But usually its a beautiful essence of vanilla, peach, strawberry and an assortment of other things sweet.

Failing that. At Decantae you have the engineering section. And ever since I was young I loved the smell from workshops, the combination of oils, petrol, grease and wd-40 just has this distinct aroma which was is still really nice. Probably stems from my Dad that one because he smells of workshops ever since I was a baby since he's an engineer. Well. Was. He's retired now and plays golf and winds people up on the internet all day.

QotD: The Best Part of Waking Up

What's your morning beverage of choice?  Coffee, tea, juice?  Homemade or store-bought?

Hmm usually a nice cup of tea is nice. But sometimes on the dead days I like to have black coffee. Oh and none of that silly starbucks stuff, so its just a normal bag of tetleys or PG tips, yorkshire tea. Not fussy 🙂

Does that mean someones going to make me a cup of tea magically?