Randomness of randomnicity

It is worrying that it has taken this long to finally set aside some time to do a post. The weather is lovely outside, a lot nicer than the lingering muggyness we’ve had the past couple of days. Hopefully, gone are the days of walking at lunch time and coming back with a cloud of damp & little bugs. Speak of which, I wonder what all those little bugs do when its not humid and damp- are they simply sat around waiting, playing poker, praying for a day of random humidity?

Life over in Manchester is very good these days. Especially now that we are fully settle and established in the house, although what was once an empty house is starting to become a very full house. The garage, a once tranquil and desolate place is now filled with a treasure trove of boxes, trinkets and various items we are not allowed to put in the rubbish. Although on the plus side, at least it will give us something to clean next Spring.

A few weeks ago we went to J’s Mum’s wedding. I had never been to a wedding before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I hired Day to do the photography for it, so it was nice to have a friendly face apart from J and her side of the family. The wedding was great, they had the meal at the Rice Bowl on Deansgate, in town. It was by far the best chinese food I’ve ever had. To say that I had to turn away food must mean that the food was fantasic. The crispy duck was really well presented as were the army of other courses they provided. Whatsmore, when asked they boxed up all the spare food so we could treat Molly!

The first one would be me. We started at the Slug and lettice, which has got to be even more pretencious that Starbucks or Costa Coffee, with people who act above there station. Next one is J’s Mum, J and Me. Then a lovely artsy shot of the rings which Day took. J, J’s mum, Greg (Norris from Corrie heh) and Me. Rice Bowl, best chinese place ever, and finally a nice shot of the town centre. The proper centre. Or Albert Square. It was very nice.

I renegotiated my role at the company I work for, so now I look after Marketing and head that up as well as IT, on the plus side I got a new car and staff. On the down side I got more staff and now have to manage huge sums of marketing, events, material, brochures and print requests. It does make for a busy and hectic day however. I felt so sad when the old fiesta had to go. I ended up selling it to J’s uncle Brian, so its not to far away and I was promised the opportunity to visit at weekends.

This made me feel a lot better.

Silly fiesta. The hours I spent on the m60, morning & night, for over two years. On the plus side the new car is very comfy and has the amazing invention of air conditioning. It is also a car for ‘special’ people like me as it has automatic headlights, windscreen wipers, automated handbrake and if it gets a puncture or the tyre pressure is low it tells me. Creepy.

This weekend is my Dad’s birthday so we are packing up and heading there for Sunday. We will be heading to the Dutch Pancake house there for the yearly binge of pancakes, which next to Chinese food, is something I deeply love.

Oh did I mention that, November 23rd I will be a happy and proud Father? *glee*

It is week 17, Jis healthy and we’ve had the first scan. The next one is next month where we will find out whether we are having a little boy or girl. I’m hoping for a girl, but so long as baby is well and happy, then that is the main thing. I also took great pleasure in saying to the mid-wife that the baby was planned. Take that, statistics!

Although most of you already knew about that but a couple people I tried to tell but didn’t know how to phrase it heh.

Hugs for all.

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Randomness about me :) I live in Manchester (UK), this is my corner of the web to rant, vent and keep a diary of random events in my life.

6 thoughts on “Randomness of randomnicity”

  1. [this is good] As I have already said, congratulations 🙂 Good luck with the baby appearing on November 23rd – babies don’t tend to listen to due dates, or so I’m led to believe. 

    Thoughts on names? 

  2. It was funny, the first guess date was the 21st Nov. I was sooo worried it would be wrong and the baby would come in December. Which will be a manic month as it is!!Oooh. Isabella Young or Rebecca Young. Oscar Young annnd thats it. Nothing so far. Apparently Thor, Stalin and Hercules as not acceptable.

  3. It is a lovely name. Only problem is, its my Dad’s ex-wife’s name. I don’t think that will stop us calling her that though. I think its Issy for short, and that sounds lovely. Or Molly, but then Molly would get confuddled. x

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