So this is only a quick post as I am in work and managed to find a free minute to type up a few things. Work is still going well, hopefully my brain won’t spaz out and I can stay the whole week.

I’ve managed to take on more out of hours work which is good as it might help to pay for a holiday over the Christmas period.

I’ll stop talking about work now.

B had his christening and S had her birthday all on the same day. The christening was nice. D made a fair comment that my family don’t have many social events. Which is very true which is why I think my parents & brother had a good time. Usually we aren’t all seen in the same place unless it’s a funeral. Church was nice except for B screaming. But in all fairness if a man dressed in white poured water over my head then I would be screaming too.

I’ve the dire need to relax. I don’t know how to without taking time off. Anger is coming back into my life and I need to silence it quickly as everything else was going well. Well.  As can be expected. My personal life is fine. My personalities other life is less than fine. Then Andrew’s other one makes for interesting listening.

I didn’t mean to refer to myself in the third person. It just happens.

The weather cant make its mind up. I feel cheated because we didn’t get any of the storm. I love it when its dead stormy and safe tucked inside the house with D and the kids.

They should make an automatic tool which recognises when a name has been typed out that it automatically deletes all the characters after the initial letter. It would make proof reading a better experience.

At the christening-cum-birthday party we had the worlds most amazing cake, which was proceeded by some very lovely lamb. It really was nice being involved with both families and friends being there. Its  strange because usually I’m the one looking in on what is happening, this time I felt that I was there and that people cared which made for a lovely day.

B and D got completely spoiled with presents. As they are supposed to at that age. I hope they both had a lovely time, I’m sure they did. They were probably sick of being picked up and posed for various photographs.

Back to the not being able to relax thing. D bought me a x-box with a load of games which I have yet to have the pleasure of playing. I played it a couple of times last week actually but then not for long as I had to get some out of hours work finished. Maybe I need to play that more and see if that helps. I still have the horrible feeling of wanting a drink after work. I still need to address that. Not that I will drink but its like smoking, its always ‘there’ but controllable.

I also want to go to the comic shop. If I can wait till I get my next allocation of money from extra work then I just need to find time of going there. I want some bobble heads to make my mini office complete. I have some over at the last place I worked. I got in touch with one of the guys who used to work for me and they boxed up all my bits. I’ve asked them to post it as I just don’t have time to collect it. Hopefully they will.

I’ll continue to mentally spend money online. Looking at a nice cottage in Scarborough for an escape with D and the kids over Christmas.

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