QotD: Those Were the Best Days of My Life…

What's the best summer you've ever had?

See. I want to say a recent one but none come to mind. Don't get me wrong, I've had countless great days in the summer, just not an entire duration. One that does come to mind is back in High School. See you appreciated it then, 10 weeks of school free days, no homework to hand it, no bullies, no nothing! Brilliant.

I used to work at my parents factory during the summer, being the bosses son I could always get away with murder. A lot of the workers there were good friends as well. The deviants of society, but they were almost like an extension of family as I would see them everyday from when I was 10 till well, 18 when I buggered off to uni. So this one summer, it was so hot that I chose to work outside with one of the other workers. For six weeks we had constant water fights, driving around on the quad bike to cool down, racing on the fork lift trucks and the best job of all, gathering up all the dissused cardboard and making a huge bonfire every week. Must of been when I was 12 or 13 as thats when I got the work permit from the council. See, was even paying the NHS money at that age!!

Today has been nice. The weather outside has been beautiful without a cloud in sight. The lunch time stroll was eventful as a butterfly decided to follow me along the path at the back of where I work. The only downside is I think I angered the sun burn on my neck again. A small price to be outside when the weather is like this.

I did do a rant about a certain university spewing out some rubbish about the philosophy of maths and cultural studies but shall bite my tongue.

Hope the weather is great the world over!