QotD: Biggest Obstacle in the Last 24 Hours

What's the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome within the last 24 hours?
Submitted by ILoveYouMr.Dragon.

The keep it light hearted I would have to say resisting the urge to buy Guitar Hero : Metallica edition after seeing both Judas Priest & System of a down on the line up. £79. Insane.

Today was a roller coaster. Those that know me may realise I have a slight social phobia when it comes to meeting my friends. More like a nervous OMG its been ages kind of thing. With a dab of insecurity about them disliking me. Anyways after falling asleep at 2am, 2 hours of staring at the cieling debating wether to slip the iPod on to fall asleep to soothing sounds of Jean Michelle Jarre, I finally managed to doze off.

Today I was due to meet Owen. Something I've been so excited about for a couple of weeks since I booked the time off. Jen dropped me off at the train station at 9am and I plodded my way to the platform. As I got to the stairs I thought "I bet something stupid will happen to the train".

Bought the tickets.

Went to platform.

"All trains to Sheffield cancelled"


So managed to find someone who explained buses were running but were heavily overbooked due to the time I was there (rush hour). Not to mention I get travel sick. Very badly travel sick. Was going to be bad enough on the train! So after telling Owen, I managed to get hold of Jen and by 10am I was back outside. Meh. Was really bummed out by it, and moaned alot to Jen which I appologised for by buying breakfast.

Saturday is my dads 66th birthday so will be travelling to wales for the day then back here, then drive to Owens rather than ever take the stupid train ever again.


Things are going ok. I suprise Jen with the day off yesterday so that was good, we spent the day not doing very much. Which in my opinion is an awesome thing. We did attempt to go to the penines to find this monument thing you can see from the city but it was soooo foggy up there. Secretly glad I wasn't driving.

She got me these lovely flowers in a heart shape and an amazing hand made card. so woo for that 🙂

Anyways I always seem to be writing these at the end of the day when I'm about to go home. No wales this weekend, so if I can find another way to Sheffield not using the snake pass, I might try that one 🙂

Many hugs