Am sure that one day the monster raving looney party, or green party, which ever wins first, will actually win. Sit there and the country probably will end up a better place. Anyways. All parties are bad as each other, all after making as much money as they can for themselves. Think the idea of a civil servent working for the people is just laughable.

Bring on V. The country needs a good clear out. Saying that, good intentions always sour!

Had a good day off today. We went to the cinema this morning in a bid to avoid the queues, it failed as Night at the museum 2 was really bad. Such a great movie though. Just for the bits with 'The thinker' chatting up another statue or the cherubs on the fountain singing. Was such an awe moment at the end as well. Was so cute though. In one of the scenes Amelia Airheart kisses the lead, Larry, and a kid in the audience went 'Ewwwww' really loudly. Was very sweet.

Oasis are playing in the park next door. Can't hear them which is a shame but haven't heard this many sirens since the Rangers invasion. Anyways, hope you all had a lovely day! Oh and thanks for the postcard Owen.