QotD: White Lies

What is a recent white lie you told?

Of course I'll move my accounts to you if you do this deal. That was to Scan in Bolton on computer parts. Managed to get 25% of the order total saving about £250. Huzzah.

So I haven't posted in a while as work as been absolutly manic this past week, been trying to get as many projects out the door before fleeing on holiday. Which is tomorrow. Although the drive is now somewhat daunting as people have told me its between 6-7 hours driving. Insane.

My dads birthday was nice last weekend. Although we had to make a big change of plans and not go out as his health went bad again. But was nice to sit with him and talk about things. Then Jen started putting golf balls about. So now will have to take the sticks back up to Manc when a house is sorted. Oh and the house. People still haven't gotten back to me. Every time I phone they claim they are still awaiting responce from the owners. Annoying.

Oh if people want a postcard can they message me there address oh or text it as I lost them. Since my phone is quite clearly annoying.

Yesterday I went on an itunes splurge and managed to make a chilled play list consisting of Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, UB40 and other soothing sounds. Yay for falling asleep while driving!

many hugs all.