I should really avoid avoiding typing up what's been going on the past couple of weeks and just make myself sit down and do it. It can be very annoying being easily distracted by things. Magpies ain't got shit on me! hmm that could be meant in multiple ways.


The three of us (Me, Jen and Wog) went on holiday to a gorgeous cottage in Whitby. When we left it was really foggy but as we passed Leeds and all those grim places the weather started to brighten up. By the time we got in there it was absolutely amazing. We didn't have a single day of bad weather during the whole stay.


So top left is from the harbour in Whitby. We had lunch there and I dreamed of owning a boat and sailing about. They even had one for sale but I'm poor. Which is lame. I should have a boat. Granted it would end up being a scene out of friends where I wouldn't know what to do and spend all day sat in the boat eating sandwiches with it still in the dock. The second picture  is of the view across the harbour and you can see Whitby abby where dracula came to shore. Um then a picture of the sign for the abby. God knows why I took that one. And Woggy. Because she kept lookout while I played on the swing in the back garden of the cottage flat thing.


Oh turns out Captain Cook was born there!!! I always thought he was a pirate. Who knew. On a random day out we went to a place called Robin Hood Bay which had a dinosaur fossil shop which Jen loved. She even got me a little geode from there which is awesome.  Annnnd then she decided to get eaten by a wave. But survived. Was cute watching Molly be scared of the waves. I was throwing stones in for her and she'd dive after them. This other dog joined in which was so awwww think I have a picture…

..heh she would sit there waiting. So I'd have to throw one for Moll then another for this dog so Molly wouldnt be posessive.

Oh oh and paddling times! Proof that both me and Jen went in the seeeeeeeeaa!!!

Scarborough 230Scarborough 223Scarborough 237Scarborough 214

The first picture is the cottage-flat thing we stayed at. The garden was huge which molly loved since she could run around alot. Although most of the time she was tired out from running on the beach. Saying that we were all tired. It made such a nice change to be able to go back somewhere and just nap or watch cheesy tv and have the dog there. Wayyy better than a hotel.Plus I could cook which also made the stay win. Oh um the third picture across is the view looking out from the flat, in that direction is the airforce base thingie where the early warning system shield thingie is and you could see lots of fighter jets potting about. Annnnd thats wog having TV times with us.

Scarborough 275Scarborough 257Scarborough 255Scarborough 268

Thats the swing I liked sitting on and um swinging? oh then molly having a break on the beach annnnnnnnnd thats on the nearly last day as it was windy and we went to a shop in the village of the damned. And then went to this resturant in the evening for a fancy meal. It was so nice the portions were huge. When they first brough it out it looked tiny but then they gave us this huge platter with different fresh veg and things on it and are tummys when nyeeehhhbaaah or something along those lines.

Annnd finally. One day I'll own one of these. Yay for pirateness!

It was a really nice holiday. Really relaxing and work didn't call me once which was first. So it only took a couple of weeks after the holiday to write this up. I also missed things since this is the third time I'm typing this because the computer keeps crashing.

The only badness that happened was Jen's camera broke so we were left camera less. We ended up using a trick I used before. Went to the local jessops, got the best camera they had, made sure they have a 14 day money back refund thing. And voila. Camera for the week we were there, so long as you don't take the stickers off heh. Really good camera as well, then it costing £270 it bloody should be. Felt a bit cheeky taking it back the weekend when we got back but desperate times call for desperate measures.

The easter weekend was good too. Managed to sort out my sleeping problems now as since about a week before the holiday I just couldn't sleep due to bad thoughtage and memories. But herbal sleeping tablets are starting to really work now. Not a good solution but will do till I finally get registered here in Manchester rather than Wales.

Oh. yesterday Jen sent me a text saying she got me a present. When I got back she gave me a box of different cards so I can annoy people. One for every occasion. These were yay in themselves but then she gave me another. And it was a complete set of knifes for the kitchen which I can't wait to use since I stocked up the baking cupboard last night.

*checks phone* its being lame again so will have to take another picture of shiney goodness. But I was so happy, and still am, might sound silly to you lot but that means alot to me and yay!!

*hugs for all* oh and less than a week to DC 🙂

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  1. Thanks! And yes, it was great, can’t wait for the next one in June. I always used to go abroad but slowly realising that there are nice places without having to jump on a plane to see them.

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