M60 at Night

A-ha! I think vox has finally conceeded and allowed me to put the image
in. The beneath was taken at night on a foot  bridge near Jen's. We
were messing about the shutter speeds and also messing with drivers
heads with the flash on the camera. Nothing like seeing a line a cars
slamming on the breaks after seeing the flash.

Today has been a nice day. Work has been interesting today, and
has been for the past couple of months. Despite the effect the
recession has had on everyone it has spurred on new developments
greatly. So planning new projects for new ideas is both exciting and
taxing in equal measures. But is fun. Nothing worse that doing the same thing over and over.

Which leads me onto this film. Room 1408 which is a really good film.
Very scary as well which is a rare thing these

days. When a director
does over kill on the effects (see AVP2) and tries to cater for
everything it just ruins the film completely. This on the other hand uses really good special effects which promotes an idea which scares you. At least it did me, people will probably disagree with that one. Stephen King films, I've found are usually hit and miss. I loved 'The Stand' the book was really good as well, and was much more of an action film, then you have IT or Desperation. Which was a fantastic book-film adaptation.

1408 was great because it played of fears which most of us have. Then the cliche horror ones such as staring into a reflection and seeing something come up behind you. In the case of this film what did it for me was when he thought he had broken free of the room and reality came literally crashing in.

Saying that I love my horror films. Me and Jen have a hell of a collection going on now. Must be in the region of 350-400 dvds. At least half being horror films. I have a love for cheesy Evil Dead types. As well as anything zombie related or 'Of the dead' plastered at the end. Just a shame we don't get Zone Horror as its a highlight of going to see Jen's dad who has it! Awesome channel.

I've been stopped from going back to Wales this weekend because of Bob. My mum doesn't want JD to be near another male dog. Its a shame as I was looking forward to going back. If only to go to the craft shop with Jen, and maybe a quick stop at the fabric shop to see the different things they have there. Will have to make do with Hobby Craft and online stores. Which now puts me in the mood to do either some more scrap booking or mosiac tiling.

On the plus side its apparently going to be another sunny weekend. So I think this time we should get prepared and put on some sun tan lotion to stop evil burning happening again. Am looking forward to it. I truly love the summer, and it always puts me in such a better mood.

We stopped by the new house last night to check out the playground. We were both stunned with what we found. We learned the property has a garage annnd the right of way is actually far from the house! not only that but huge playing fields so I can run Molly in the morning!! Also not a sign of shiny white trainers nor tracksuit bottomed people! woo!

I've also managed to fall in love with 'We're Not Gonna Take It' such a good song for when its sunny. Lovely and uplifting.

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