QotD: Eat Your Veggies

Today is “Eat Your Vegetables Day.” What vegetable do you love to eat? Hate?

I like Carrots, and I like Brussell sprouts. But which one is better.. Fiiiiiggggghhhhttt.

In all seriousness it would more than likely be carrots. The way I always love cooking them which is done with some nice fresh ones. Peeled, put into simmering water, raise to the boil and then reduce to simmer again. Leave it for like 15mins, drain, put in some butter, cover and put back on the cooling hob, stick a lid on. Shake it about at bit and then then drain butterness into something, put down the carrots and then drizzle on top.

Particularly nice with a home made mini pie. I made some really nice ones last week, I did it with stewed steak and beans. A weird combo but so nice. I used puff pastry for the tops and yum. I had enough of it left over (puff pastry) to make some the next day for dipping in soup.

Today was good. I had first aid training at St Johns ambulance place. It is next door to the McVities factory and you could smell biscuits wafting in all day. It was lovely. It was good, I actually enjoyed it. I was the only one for the company going, so I made friends with the random 20 or so people there. Partly because I was used abused for every example. I had bandages on my head, arms, pretend to faint, example for recovery positions. It was amazing, they had an espresso maker which used fresh beans and it was free! I made a quadruple one and I was mimicking a hmming bird for the afternoon.

Long story short, I got a free pen, certificate (in the post) and I’m insured if some scum decide to sue me should they not be happy I administered first aid!

I wonder how I will react if I see something happening in the street. I suppose that is something everyone asks. How will you react if someone was in need of help in the middle of the street? I hope I don’t freeze and I take charge. I certainly hope I dont turn the other cheek and pretend something isnt happening, like you hear about so often on the news.

I guess you never know till you are tested!