The weekend report

What an awesome weekend. Lovely weather again and lots of nice things to talk about. But first of all random picture time from the weekend below.

Pretty Flowers in Heaton ParkThe Queue for Ice Cream!The TongueMolly Wogs drinking

We finally got our Toast-o-matic from the kingsmill people. Its pretty cool, only let down is that it is made of plastic and not ceramic which we thought it would be. But yay none the less. Now we are only waiting for the oven mitts and we'll be all set. Also weird thing. A few days previous homebase delivered a lawn mower for next door. Jen took the parcel and when we came to give it to next door they refused it saying they didn't order one. I opened up the delivery note and it was definitely for them! Called homebase who were really surprised at my call and asked why I would call them. "Well, I didn't want to steal a lawnmower off you!" "Oh. Ok well erm we'll send someone round to pick it up". Have yet to hear anything from them. So next time I won't do the right thing then!

On saturday we did some gardening. We finally moved the sun flowers which were slowly growing out of control to the garden. So off to B&Q, picked up a trough and soil and yayness. So they are outside with my strawberry planets of wooness and hopefully soon we'll be having an army of strawberries and sun flowers.

We also hit the park and had a lovely sit down there. The pictures from above are taken from there. As you can see. Mollys tongue is insanely long!

Also before I forget Asda have an awesome Ben and Jerrys deal where the tubs are three pounds! Yay for brownie and cookie dough. The best flavour ever. I also managed to eat a whole tub in under 10 mins again causing stomach and brain freeze at the same time. Bad times. But cookie dough!

Sunday was spent at the car bootsale at bowlee. We packed a mighty picnic and put it in the cooler which lives in the car. I think we are quite sad now as we're clearly beyond are years. A coolbox which plugs into the cigarette adapter and keeps the food cold. I think that is great. But clearly. Sad. Anyways. We got lots of bargins

which hopefully you can see on the right.

They had this cool harry potter towel oh oh and Ghost rider, which was ruined by having a 40 something action hero as the main character but oh my god was only a pound so had to be bought for cheesyness! Also Aeon Flux which we watched tonight, but that film is good (since I love Equilibrium, Ultra Violet etc) and was also a pound. Should have bought the stall and flogged the dvds on ebay heh.

Also managed to get an egyption oil burner thing, new basket for mollys toys, pins of rock um mr beans car which is really good and still sealed. Unfortunatley we were both stupid enough, for the second week running to not put sun tan lotion on. Jen is really badly burned at the mo as well. Meh.

To the left is my bag which holds everything. At the carboot was this stall which had some badges and a few sabbath ones so naturally we bought them all. I stole one for my bag 🙂

I also picked up Focus. Its a good simple science magazine that I like. I used to subscribe to this and new scientist but had to stop for reasons unknown at the moment. They had a really good article about the new probe they are launching into space, as well as the new array which is watching for planets orbitting other suns. Basic princble is to watch a square of space, and if they spot anything moving across one of the suns in the star system that would indicate a planet. The likened it to spotting a knat passing a head light. Madness. Anyways they mentioned SETI which is a project I have given thousands of hours, and lots of donations to for the past 8 years or so. Which is always good.

I'll do a post about that another time as right now am falling asleep. I climbed about in the attic digging the fan out but unfortunatly am now covered in fibreglass and my throat is really sore! lame.

Have more pictures.

Bob and MollyCards Cards Cards!Harry Potter towel!Mr Beans Car

Bank Holiday Weekend

Heaton Park in the Sun
Heaton Park Golf Course
Heaton Park Golf Course
Heaton Park Lake
Bob and Molly
Bob and Me
Heaton Hall
What a lovely bank holiday weekend we've just had. The weather was so nice and every time we went out we found decent parking. Ok so finding it hard to not be British and proclaim it was 'To hot'. As it was at times but that was due to sun burn and lack of wind!

The weekend was also the two year mark for me and Jen. She bought me an awesome alarm clock thingie where I can plug my iPod in to charge before abusing it for the day. I bought her a cd she was missing from her Rob Zombie collection. The Devils rejects. Which by the way is a truly great film. The first picture is of an opened lilly from a boquet of flowers I got Jen. Oh word to the wise; the pollen stains! Jen made me a card with a cross stitch she did on the front. Although I don't have pictures of that. Meh.

So we are dog sitting for Jen's aunt. Bob. I think I posted of a picture of him last year when we were house sitting for them. He's four years old, quarter of the size of Molly and is a jack russel thingie. He is lovely although he has never been trained nor has he ever been taken for a walk. Which is really horrible. We soon rectified that and took both him and Molly on lots of walks and runs and you should have seen his little nub of a tail wag, he was so happy!

The next set of pictures are from the different parks we went to. The first one is a park in Bury that we randomly went to. There were people playing cricket in the middle of the park which had its own pitch. Was fun to watch as the people playing were really good. We mooched over to Heaton Park and after battling are way to the car park we luckily found one of the best spots.

As its Europe's largest municipal park it has a big golf course hidden in there, so thought it was time for fancy picture taking. We walked past the lake as well where there were lots of people on the water. Would be so much fun to take the dogs on there just to see how they would do.

By this point I think we were all getting nicely sun burned heh.

We stopped for a while to bask in the sun and molly started trying to steal are coke bottles before we finished them. She has a nice obsession of ragging them. As you can see Bob was just trying to chill as he's old while I distracted molly by playing with the bottle with her.

OH and then I thought bob could have a picture. He was basically asleep in my hand, so the picture wasn't as mean as it looks!

He is quite funny, although from baby sitting him we've noticed that Molly is really defensive about her stuff. Despite giving them two seperate bowls each on different ends of the room Molly still won't let him eat. Wouldn't mind except that Pepsi (the cat) is the dominant male in the house, and Molly is a girlie!

He also snores. Very very very loudly which wakes us up in the middle of the night.

On the way out I thought I'd take a picture of heaton hall in all its prettyness.

So that was on Sunday. We spend saturday inside not doing much of anything and just relaxing. I played to much Need for Speed on the xbox, and then we watched randomness till the small hours.

On Monday we were invited by Jen's dad and girlfriend out to a meal for lunch for are anniversary which was really nice of them. We picked up Jen's nan on the way and arranged to meet them at Pennington Flash in Leigh which is down the road from her Dad's. We all had a lovely time there. Bob especially. We managed to get a picnic table and setup camp there while we waited for them to turn up. So an hour later of burning in the sun they showed and we all went off to have food. We went to a place called Toby Carvery which was awesome. You fill a plate up with random caveryness and then we all had dessert afterwards. It was a really nice and unexpected treat. Belgian waffles with ice cream and cherries is the best dessert ever!

And so that was the end of the bank holiday. As soon as we got back, the clouds thickened and turned grey. The rain drops started to fall. A suitable end to a lovely weekend as the weather is now allowed to be bad again till next weekend 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend too.