The GP was less than helpful.

I think this is because he drives a porchse with a personalised license plate. Well. Either it makes him useless or means he has a very small penis. One of the two. Maybe both? I won’t be the one to find out.

“I don’t know how to treat you”
“I don’t know what to say”
“You are looking at needing a liver transplant
“You shouldn’t of told the Priory to stop”
Follow by:
“I don’t know how to treat you, I have had mental issues myself but still don’t understand why your behaviour is out of control”
“Is there anything else I can help you with”

I love my GP. Thus the cycle repeats and will see him in two weeks.

Livers. Bet they are going cheap in China. I’ll have a look into that.

My Car

Its quite sad that I’m a little sad. I just left my car at the garage around the corner from work. I feel sad because if it costs more than £300 for the MOT I’ll have to scrap it and get another one. Meh. Silly how you become attached to inaminate objects heh.

Monday we are going to Whitby and I can’t wait. I dont care that its forecasted to be freezing cold, its just going to be nice to be 100’s of miles away from everyone and spend some time with J and Molly. I dont think we will be paddling in the sea just yet though. Although shopping and walking about dressed in lots of jumpers should be good. Plus it will be good exercise, something I badly need at the moment!

On the subject of exercise, I’ve done very little since we moved house. That was like six months ago. This doesnt bode well for my tummy. Every time I’ve worked myself up into training I manage to talk myself out of it. Actually the cold air does. Waking up at 7am with a ‘go go go’ attitude only to feel a cold breeze once my leg touches the bedroom floor seems to be the fundemental problem. Straight back to sleep. Then I manage to feel guilty for the whole day.

I’ll hopefully get into the pattern again soon enough. I suppose it is a good sign as it means I’m content.

Just realised I’ve demanded we have pizza tonight.

That can’t help matters heh.