Its winter, get over it!

I still cant understand why people are complaining so much about the cold. Ok, I’m included in this as much as anyone. Its winter, I find it nice that for once the seasons are sticking to their strong points. It should be cold, it should be snowing and people should be making snowmen at every corner. Then if we follow that logic, the summer should be beautiful and lots of sun burn should ensue.

I haven’t posted in a while, probably because I’ve let work get the better of me lately and I’ve missed all my lunch breaks for a long time. That is usually when I get around to doing a post. Things are going well so far this year (touch wood) and hopefully they will stay that way.

The house is coming along great. We have a fantastically awesome couch now. Although it was a huge pain in the bum to get it sorted as we paid cash, and then they took months to deliver it. Arggh and what not. But it came, before Christmas, and are bums were so happy to have a proper place to sit. We also got a dining table which was used copiously over the festive period, which was lovely. Throw in a bookcase, dvd racks and some awesome canvas art from J and the house is finally taking shape.

Christmas was a lovely affair. I think what did it was that we have are own place now, so we didnt have to travel everywhere on Christmas day and just sit in one location whilst everyone came to us! I also got to cook and hide in the kitchen which was great and enjoyed it.

The new year so far was good. We got snowed in for a couple of days, which would have been great had it not been for server death at work and trying to fix that remotely. J also got to see my work persona, which is quite strict and shouty at people, but then I have to be.

On Valentines day I wisked J away to Blackpool for a picnic on the beach. Ok, we had it in the car because it was so cold outside, it was still nice and think she enjoyed it too. Molly loved it as she got to have her first run at the sea for year. When we got back I made a two course meal and then proposed back to J. So technically I couldnt propose as she did this first but blah. So she now has an engagement ring. We havent set a date yet or anything like that, but am sure we’ll set one soon once jobs are sorted.

So without futher delay here is an army of pictures covering whats been going on since I last posted:


(1) Pepi decided to help when we were unpacking by building a fort and commanding the troops from there. (2) This is the dutch pancake house back in wales that we go to far to often. (3) We went to whitby at the start of december for a couple of days to stay at the cottage, we stopped by York on the way to do some christmas shopping and they had this pretty tree in the middle of a square. They also had people dressed up as vikings heh! (4) This is a good example of why you shouldnt take pictures of people unawares.I have no idea why I look miserable but its in Whitby, I was cold and it was Christmas.


(1) Scarborough harbour in all its prettyness. (2) We bought molly a coat which made her all snug and warm, dont think she likes it but I find it adorably cute! (3) On the penny arcade thing, where you put 2p’s in? well we put loads in and won a couple of mystery prizes. The guy who was minding the place pulled out a bag of simpsons stuffed toys and I almost died from Glee! so we ended up getting itchy and scratchy. (4) Not sure if its come out right but its a panoramic shot of the hole of horcum. A pretty place we stopped at on the way back to Manchester.


(1) The pretty Christmas tree and not so pretty me on the phone. (2) View from Ikea and first proper snow of the year! Little did we know that much much more would follow! (3) This is the church near our house, looks pretty till J waved her arm over one of the spot lights and killed it. (4) This is the graveyard. I like graveyards, always nice to walk through.

(1) J made a snowman. The glitter still haunts the garden and blows about in the wind. (2) Christmas day and the roast I made. (3) We went to see J’s mum in Preston and walked there insanely strong dog Sasha. (4) Oh another panoramic shot of where we walked about in Preston. (5) A fixer upper of a boat!
The reason why I had a couple of days off! The car wouldnt even budge from the space as the snow was half way up the bloody wheel. Very pretty though and we went for an awesome walk at lunch time. Then crap happened at work. Blah.

(1) You can see how deep the snow was on J’s welly thingies! (2) Pretty view. (3) More pretty views of the train line near where we live. (4) We managed to get back to Wales at the start of the year and I decided to make a snowangel on the mountain. The snow was ice and it hurt heh. Ohh look at my beard. Lazyness!


This is the graveyard where J’s granddad in buried and we try and visit once a month. J is playing stealth cat with the tree. (2) Panoramic. You can tell that this function with the camera is yay. (3) Jmade a cross stitch of a tiger which was raar. (4) Molly in blackpool looking expectantly with her beloved frisbee thing.

Funfair!Where is the rest of it?Blackpool Tower under FogMen at workMe and Molly

(1) Pleasure beach thingie in blackpool! (2) J found a dead person in the skip. (3) Blackpool tower hiding in the mist. (4) People playing with a boat. (5) Me playing with molly on th beach trying to pursuade her to run up and see J. It didnt work.

And thats about it. There are loads more photos I still need to put on but then they would get lost if I I put them all on now, so I’ll save them for a post later. I also still want to put up all the stuff from when Santa proposed heh.

So hope everyone is good and life is happy. I just got my bueno bar delivered so will commence face stuffage.