MusixMatch = Win!

So I discovered an acoustic cover of one of my favourite songs. On your own by Blur. Its an old 90s song but one that instantly transports me back to the mini-disc days. I had one album which had this song on. I was in college, all of 17 and we were headed to Disney Land in Paris. It was part of a college trip to learn about the IT side of things behind the scenes. Which. Well. I dont actually remember anything IT related. I remember sneaking whisky into the park and sight seeing. Anyway. I was in the coach on the way back, 10 hour drive, I had this album on repeat, I closed my eyes and woke up a few hours later and all I remember is hearing this song when I woke up almost near the college.

Instant time travel. Poorly explained but makes me smile.

Smiling is a rare thing around here at the moment. We all have life’s stresses being thrown at us these days. D included with her work and me, well, the mental health and addictions are winning at the moment which I’m trying hard to fix.

As the title implies in the post I’m still listening to lots of music. I discovered this software than spits out the lyrics to the songs you’ve got running in Spotify. So I can have it on my other monitor and sing a-long with a DIY kareoke.

The cat sums up the mood.

Hope everyone else is having an awesome day.



Ever worry that you drink too much black coffee and its turning your insides black? thats my irrational fear of the day, because everyones internal organs should be nice and clean, obviously. Joking aside. Seriously though this is like my 6th coffee of the day and we are creeping up on 4pm. Fortunately the combination of medication I take in the evening can bring down a horse, which I’m not far off weighing, so at least I get to sleep quick.

I’ve two minds about this blog. Whether to keep it going, delete all the previous posts or just remove it completely. That I think would be a crime. To delete memories seems an obscene idea given that the dead live on in our memories, the same could equally be true of a website or blog of memories. Where will those stories go? presumably in the hearts of those that read them. But what about the people who haven’t read them. Who never knew the story? maybe deleting sites should be outlawed. I think I’ve made my mind up. I’ll leave everything as it is and was and just carry on regardless.

I might anonymise the account though so it doesn’t affect my work life. Or I just don’t talk about it. Work that is.

I’ve decided to do a blogging course online to brush up on my skills and get some interesting ideas for content. I remember years ago there used to be QOD which you could answer I would usually start my posts by answering said question of the day.

Back to the course…