Random News

So I have been meaning to do a post today but for some reason or another I didn’t get the chance. So naturally, as you do. I’m typing this on the mobile wordpress app in the comfort of my bed.

I mention comfort as we bought a new mattress that doesn’t cause your spine to fuse with the strings of the bed. It’s been great so far, never underestimate the awesomeness of a new mattress after living with one with rusty springs.

My god I must be getting to mid-age when I’m rambling about a comfortable bed. Today has been an odd one. S woke up this morning not able to walk on her leg. So instead of school she went to a&e for the day to be told the x-rays were clear and to calpol up. Hopefully she goes back tomorrow as I can’t afford another day away from tinkering laptop donations. Selfish as that might be!

I skipped my therapy session I had booked today but I really wasn’t in the right place mentally. Granted that’s the whole point of it but sitting for an hour discussing addiction and emotional control issues just didn’t seem like a good idea. Instead I watched “the greatest show” with B and popped up some pop corn 🍿.

Some good news. We are getting a second hand dog to hopefully help with having an emotional support animal. Should be interesting but worth a try. Apparently it’s called Luna and should be ready by the end of the month 🙂

About Me

Ok so I finished the About Me page a bit faster than I hoped. I’ll dump it here as well so if anyone stumbles upon it, feel free to follow 🙂

Hi everyone, thanks for looking at the about me page, a page that notoriously everyone hates. I started writing blogs back in 1999 when blogspot was still a thing. Is it still a thing? then I was on vox for ages and then came to find WordPress. I like just dumping my brain onto the keyboard and find it theraputic to just have a place where I can store the thoughts and live them there for a while. Typing things out and then reading it back really works for me.

I guess the whole point of the blog is about giving people an insight into the mind of someone who has several mental health problems, trys to be a good dad and husband and someone who has had massive issues with addiction in their life. I battle with myself, most days and most days I’m okay so long as I am on my meds (and its a long list) I’m fairly stable and happy. I don’t know. Maybe if someone can see that someone like me can do it, then they can. Live that is. Not just exist. My official labels are EUPD, Schizo-affective Disorder, CPTSD from teenage years trauma, Anxiey & Depression and the best one, night terrors. I’m not my labels. I’m just me, which I need to tell myself, often, as I’ve made peace with being a little bit odd.

If you are into honest answers, not to scared to delve into the dark world of things or you would just like to see the world in a different way then I promise not to disappoint!

I’m currently living in Manchester, UK. I love it here. I went to university close by and being able to see it is great because it brings back some really awesome memories from when I was in the halls of residence with my friends for 3 years. As the content on here will be quite personal I’ll have to vague up the answers a little bit. I do have kids, I have an amazing wife and I love the community work that I do. Bit more detail would be my top 5 things in the whole world? being close to my family even if I’m distant or my mood is off, comics, trading cards, collecting cool toys and relaxing. Or being lazy. Depends how you look at it. But personally sat with my favourite people, real or not, makes me calm. The best movies in the world have to be V for Vendetta, Night Watch, Heat, Jurrasic park and kids cartoons. Yes. You read that right, I love nothing more than sitting with B watching Mr Bean, Miraculous lady bug or even Hey Dougie. I love Whitby and Scarborough. Both being my favourite place in the whole world to be. Might not be the warmest place on earth but I just love being next to the sea and thinking of the history of the place.

Its only Tuesday. Blah.

Wake up you sleepy head
Put on some clothes, shake up your bed
– Oh you pretty thing – David Bowie

Its only Tuesday, yet it feels like it should be Thursday. I feel like I've been cheated out of a weekend, I demand a replacement one!

Recently have been binging on cd's. I'm an odd one, if I like something I'll download all there tracks. Example. Bob Marley. Love ALL his songs and listen to a few nearly everyday, hard stretched to find a playlist without 'stir it up' or 'three birds'. So I buy one of his albums and in my head that makes up for it. Same with David Bowie. I got Aladin Zane. Woo. It has the drive in song which amuses and melts:

She's uncertain if she likes him (got got du aaah aah aah)
But she knows she really loves him
It's a crash course for the ravers (got got du aaah)
It's a Drive-in Saturday

I find the 'got got du ahhh' amusing. he he he. He's another one thats on almost every play list. Christ, think he was one of the first cd's I got back in the fun awkward days of being 13. Hmm. No managed to curtail the urge to start copying and pasting lyrics.

But yes. I spent a silly sum of money on cds and now have ac-dc, vnv nation, bob marley, system of a down, dead kennedys etc etc. Mucho fun 🙂

Today has been slow, to speed it up I got the live cd Drop kick Murphys did for St Patricks Day in Boston a while ago. And its the most awesome cd ever and if I could find it any where to buy I would pay money sacks for it 🙂

I had the lunch of kings today as Jen slipped in some cheese rizo biscuit thingies which are soooo adictive. Oh about as addictive as doing Mosaics as we've started to do them at night as well. First coasters and now mirrors. Will have to get pictures to put up here. Although hers are better, mine are… well she likes them, I never like my own work.

Going to go back to the world of music now and amuse myself with that. The weather is being random. And I wish people who stop going out and evil storms that arnt as bad as last year and the OMG its global warming stuff grr.


Weekendy Update

Ok so weekend update, and have started this at 5.10 so not doing this last second for once. I had a nice weekend, its strange the weekends here in Manchester are alot more relaxed than the ones in wales. I'm guessing this is mostly due to the hassle of driving around everywhere, plus I feel bad Jen driving all the time since I still havent sorted out a car as of yet. Maybe next pay day I'll get one if other things dont come up which require money being thrown at them. i.e silly brakes and brake disc things. Silly cars.

We had the house to ourselves on the Friday night which is always good. It means we can spaz out of the couch and watch random crap on tv. This is always a welcome thing. The weekend also seemed longer and better because of the day off that I had on the thursday. Saturday was spent take molly to Sale Water park which is near trafford park and it was fun. She had a hell of a time running around, the dog not jen although I think she had a nice time too. Will have to stick some photos up here to show it. It was a beautiful sunny day, cold but blue skies.

After that we headed back and passed out for a while. Sunday we cleared out the spare room which is awesome now. Jen boxed everything up whilst I stood in the box room in awe of all the stuff in there that we've managed to get together for the move. Its basically like the contents of a shop called the pier, random objects from other shops and some nice bowls from Aflecs Palace which I attempted to steal from her but she noticed. Grr.

Oh we also cleaned the car. The water we used started to freeze on the top. Silly cold weather.

"Americans from a British point of view can be summed up in two words. Fanny Pack". A disturbing quote arrising from the usual talk of international relations, and the fact that everyone has an opinion on things. What started off with talking about the EU and the Turks joining, turned into the Russians joining and then some how onto America. Fun random amusements to make the day go by.

Sorry for not coming up this weekend Owen/Dora. Snake pass is still closed and have yet to navigate a way across there other than via the evil motorway that people keep crashing on. A lame excuse but a true one 😦 might as well take the train… can you take a dog on a train?

many hugs all


Things are going ok. I suprise Jen with the day off yesterday so that was good, we spent the day not doing very much. Which in my opinion is an awesome thing. We did attempt to go to the penines to find this monument thing you can see from the city but it was soooo foggy up there. Secretly glad I wasn't driving.

She got me these lovely flowers in a heart shape and an amazing hand made card. so woo for that 🙂

Anyways I always seem to be writing these at the end of the day when I'm about to go home. No wales this weekend, so if I can find another way to Sheffield not using the snake pass, I might try that one 🙂

Many hugs


For the first time in a long time I'm finally in a posistion in my life where I want to find a house, and make the 'plunge' into getting one. Its never been a case of can't get it luckily as people tend to throw large amounts of debt around but am more than glad that for once, I would be happy to settle down in a nice house and plan for a decent future.

For those that don't know we've found a house, in a place called Woodley. Not to far from here, and a near enough town to be useful. Three bedrooms, a shower room, pantry oh oh conservatory and what not. Its awesome. Cheap because theres a train track in the back but its never used which is woo.

On Friday we should be signing the thingies for it. And all will be well. *looks at time* meh. silly work. Hugs

A new first post.

I have decided to start over. From scratch. Out with the old ways and in with the new. I stopped updating here last year, partly because a majority of my posts were hidden and viewable by 'family' only people. I did this to protect what I was talking about, namely Jen and what not from the, well, more sinister elements of the past.

So rather than hide everything, I just made my little site on the net that little bit harder to find. New name, new look, no search options and namely no-one can post comments on things unless they are registered. This way I can be free, cut off the past and get on with things.

Now that I have that out of the way, let me present you with my family:

The awesomeness that is Jen and Molly. Or Wog. Jen doesn't have a nickname like that. It would be wrong to call people wog. Dog's are fine however. I've decided this. i.e "Molly-wog the dog of awesomeness".

So yes. My new family. For those that don't know the story. We met in Llandudno at the sticky floor place that is Wetherspoons. I think we pretty much got on really well from there. Then much randomness did in ensue. backwards and forwards from wales to manchester, then Jen coming to wales and such. Needless to say the oil tycoons loved us muchly for are rather shocking amount of petrol we used.

Those are some of the happiest memorys I have. Shooting backwards and forwards, that feeling of butterflys in your tummy as you get closer and when your finally there. It also helped me deal with alot of things, taking my mind off Owen leaving for Sheffield and my slow realisation that Wales? a lovely place to die. I mean that, nothing against it, just well, if your 'over the hill' its an amazing place. If your trying to make your 'mark' on the world, it just.. well… it destroys the soul.

So after seeing each other none stop, and staying at each others lots and lots something needed to be done. I can't remember the exact order but in the space of a few months: stopped at Ormerods due to reasons of mental sanity, Jen stopped at the hospital, went to chester jens birthday, muchly trips to southport and blackpool on the beach, got us the wog which is awesome, bought new car, sold new car, got old car back, lost old car in car-crash, declartion of love made between me and Jen, moved into Jens house, became IT Manager for a firm in Manchester, trying to buy a house, sorting life out, loss of depression.

…I wouldn't change the bad times for anything because without them to good times wouldn't be here. So yes, that was a brief recap. Things between me and Jen are good, we've yet to have a row or full on fight. A few niggly things but nothing to serious on either account which we mutually agreed and we are now looking at buying our first house. A house of awesomeness. A guest room which we've planned to kidnap Owen and place in there, oh and room for Rick on the sofa bed. A room for the molly downstairs in the shower room and pantry. But that should be delt with this week.

Anyways. Out with the old, and in with the new. Life is getting better & good now. I'll still moan however. So no more hiding the posts.

*many many hugs to all*